Occupying Our Minds

For many of us, this is a problem we face every day. Clearly, if you are reading this ” Chatters” is a major part of your day as indeed it is mine.

However, if like me you perhaps fancy a little more to occupy your thoughts although clearly we are all limited by what we are actually capable of doing.

I have always been a lover of music and have a large selection of discs to fit whatever taste I might have from day to day. I must admit to spending a lot of time on my computer although I cannot claim to be all that well versed on what extra interests the computer can provide.

I often look at UTube for inspiration for there is a vast amount of music offered on that site – however, I don’t always feel like sittingh at my desk and staring at the screen, when all I really want is the Music!

With this in mind I have installed I have installed a programme called WAVEPAD – there are numerous alternatives to this, but I have settled on it to meet my needs and limited abilities – and just this morning I have recorded the sound on my computer of what was described as the largest Marching Band in the world – A Mass of no less than 56 full Military Bands at the Wembleyt Military Festival, more than 2,200 musicians!

This wonderful music I recorded on my Wavepad and then transfered it to Compact Disc – thus I am able to play the disc at any time. – My favourite time is when I am laying on my bed where I can listen in private with Headphones or play it on my Hi-Fi.

Obviously this is not something we would wish to do, but I do put this forward as food for thought if you feel that way inclined – I have occupied myself for the last three days on and off, and thoroughly enjoyed every minute – now I am off to listen to the latest download!

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  1. I have a massive collection of music on both CD and computer (a few favourites are even on my phone courtesy of my youngest who loaded it up for me).

    I agree that music can be a great companion, although I prefer walking in the hills and woodlands when i need escape and to occupy my mind.

    1. You are so right waylander – if only I could make it, I too would prefer to walk about, but alas my undercarriage cannot cope with it – a quick trip to the shops then home again – that’s me I fear. Have a great day!

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