Remember When?

Do you remember when

A Takeaway was a mathematical problem

Curry was a surname

A takeaway was a maths problem

Pizza was a leaning tower

Bananas and Oranges only appeared at Christmas

All Potato Chips were plain; Our choice was whether to add salt on or not

A Chinese Chippy was a foreign carpenter

Rice was a milk pudding, never ever part of our dinner

A Big Mac was what we wore when it rained

Brown bread was something poor people ate

Oil was for lubricating  and fat was for cooking

Tea was made in a teapot using tea leaves

Coffee was Camp and came in a bottle

Only Heinz made baked beans

Fish didn’t have fingers

Eating Raw fish was called poverty, not sushi

Indian Restaurants were found only in India

Kebab was not even a word never mind food

Prunes were medicinal

Musuesly was regarded as cattle food

Water came out of the tap – if someone suggested bottling it and charging more than petrol for it

The one thing we never saw on our table in the fifties …was elbows

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