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 The hillbilly 10 commandments.

1,  Aint but one god. 2, Honor yer Ma and Pa 3, No tellin tales,nor gossipin 4, Git yer hide to sunday meetins 5,  Aint nuffin come before the lord 6,  No foolin with another fella,s gal 7,  No killin,cept fer critters 8,  Quit yer foul mouthin 9, No swipin yer kin folk,s stuff 10, […]


Watched a movie last night ….. Its about a mans wife who is brutally murdered by a serial killer,and his son is left physically disabled. In a twisted turn of events ,his son is kidnapped and his Dad has to trace and track the kidnapper,thousands of miles with the help of a mentally disabled woman. […]


I read recently that our TV sets can pick up and transmit anything we say…Which begs the question…What could we possibly say or do,that could concievably be of interest to any outside party ? Lets snoop on what I might say,once ensconced in front of the box in the evening……. ” (click) Ho Hum..What rubbish […]

 Zodiac signs

I,m totally confused….It seems the zodiac has been rearranged and updated….When was this decided apon,and by whom ?….The astrologers must be in an uproar ! For instance,I usta be a “Honest.loyal,smart ” Aquarian……Now I,m a “Philosofical,intelligent” Capricornian…..I dont recall having a character change ! Check yours out..Who knows previously you may have been a decent […]

 PL for B ….

English is constantly evolving,if, for instance, “PL” replaced the letter “B”,an otherwise tedious recitation about one,s garden would instead read :- “One can ploast without plomplast , that there is nothing more pleautiful to plehold at this time of year,than the host of plirds,ladyplugs and plumpleplees aplounding in my plegonia pleds,pluzzing aplout the plossoms and […]


Its been done before,But I,d like to start a blog on “You know what I hate”….Dont want it to get too deep and meaningful,just a bit of fun…So Here goes… Know what I hate?…The splatter that happens when I take me lectric toofbrush ,outta me mouth and its still going ! Another thing I hate […]

 Seen at 9 Chickweed Lane ,today.

Image obsession has to rate among the most fatuous on earth. We are not what we look like,but what we do. Our lives and our character are not just rumours spread in giggling conspiratorial whispers. Who cares what people say ! Know the truth about yourself ! (Erm….. Okay,So whats my image ?)

 A brief word on Tin Can Bay

Well,the first “get together” of aussie Senior chatters has been and gone…I think everyone involved would agree that it was a great success…there was only a few of us there this time,for various reasons,but,hopefully,any future “meet” will have more participants. Whippet,Nmod and Frankie37,took plenty of pics,and hopefully will put some up on this site in […]

 My Big Fat Senior Moment (MBFSM)

Hey Ho ! Its off to Tin Can Bay we go ! Thurs nite,I dug out my trusty Samsonite (Bought at Macy,s 80% off,after christmas sale) from under the bed..chiselled off the dust bunnys, and found that I had locked it previosly….Oh Ohhh….I,d forgotten the lock combination..Now, since it only had 3 tumblers,it should only […]

 Fums up ! ….

I really like the way Rob has the site set up now…One is able to see who is around the ridges ,, whats going on in the chat room and be able to decide if we want to join in or not,if not,we can go ahead with blogs and groups as we prefer. Yep ,a […]