Zodiac signs

I,m totally confused….It seems the zodiac has been rearranged and updated….When was this decided apon,and by whom ?….The astrologers must be in an uproar ! For instance,I usta be a “Honest.loyal,smart ” Aquarian……Now I,m a “Philosofical,intelligent” Capricornian…..I dont recall having a character change ! Check yours out..Who knows previously you may have been a decent […]

PL for B ….

English is constantly evolving,if, for instance, “PL” replaced the letter “B”,an otherwise tedious recitation about one,s garden would instead read :- “One can ploast without plomplast , that there is nothing more pleautiful to plehold at this time of year,than the host of plirds,ladyplugs and plumpleplees aplounding in my plegonia pleds,pluzzing aplout the plossoms and […]


Its been done before,But I,d like to start a blog on “You know what I hate”….Dont want it to get too deep and meaningful,just a bit of fun…So Here goes… Know what I hate?…The splatter that happens when I take me lectric toofbrush ,outta me mouth and its still going ! Another thing I hate […]