A brief word on Tin Can Bay

Well,the first "get together" of aussie Senior chatters has been and gone...I think everyone involved would agree that it was a great success...there was only a few of us there this time,for various reasons,but,hopefully,any future "meet" will have more participants.
Whippet,Nmod and Frankie37,took plenty of pics,and hopefully will put some up on this site in the near future...I did charge my camera,s battery but I doubt it worked since the last pic I took with it was dated July 2007 and I couldnt get the menu to come up,nor,the pic check thingy. (no.I havnt got a cell phone,I have the kiss of death to any electronic thingamabobs)
I believe Whip and Betty got to feed the dolphins after we left,sadly they didnt turn up the day Jen and I went to the jetty,however,when Nmod,Frankie, Jen and me had a day on Frazer Island,we got to see several Humpback whales,splashing and carrying on just beyond the surf breaker line.
I hope we can organise another meet sometime..I really enjoyed this one and its a good excuse to leave town for a few days.

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    1. geeljay

      What a lovely idea someone had, to turn the group of chatters into a ‘meetup’. Pleased it was so rewarding down the Tin Can Bay.

  1. lani36

    So pleased you all had a great time ,seen a pic of Betty, Whips wife feeding the Dolphins, looks like a lot of funw was had by all, sorry due to circumstances I had to miss this one maybe next time , looking forward to some more pictures…x

  2. nmod

    It was a great experience to meet up with other chatters , we had a fabulous time ! I certainly hope that other chatters will consider joining us next time ! Hopefully next year !