Its been done before,But I,d like to start a blog on "You know what I hate"....Dont want it to get too deep and meaningful,just a bit of fun...So Here goes...
Know what I hate?...The splatter that happens when I take me lectric toofbrush ,outta me mouth and its still going !
Another thing I hate is trying to blog and it wont coz its less than 300 words..Grrrrrr
Why me...why always me !!

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  1. darkfarmowl

    1. Electric cables that tie themselves into knots even though you know you haven’t touched them for months.
    2. Things that, when dropped, always roll away to the most inaccessible place they can find.
    3. Those DIY jobs where everything you need to screw down, or pull out, or tighten with a spanner are placed for maximum inconvenience, forcing you to become a foul-mouthed contortionist.

    Resistentialism –
    A jocular theory to describe “seemingly spiteful behavior manifested by inanimate objects”, where objects that cause problems (like lost keys or a runaway bouncy ball) are said to exhibit a high degree of malice toward humans.
    ~ Wikipedia.

    1. cappuccino Post author

      Oh yes Deefo….The old christmas lights trick…Guaranteed to make you throw them back into the box,(In case they untangle themselves by next year) and go buy new ones. 🙂

  2. goldengirl1224

    A pet hate of mine – — is ‘passwords’ — drive you crazy — even if you do recall what the password was – after maybe not using it for weeks/months — did you use a Capital letter at the start or lower case — and not many sites have the ‘see password’ so you can immediately see if the error is a ‘typo’ but the word is in fact correct — Grrrr! I even keep a list – I know you shouldn’t — but my tired old brain cant keep track of all these Pin Numbers and Passwords.
    Thought technology was supposed to make life easier Boo Hoo!
    Another pet hate is all the ‘junk mail’ that I have to receive whether I want it or not and the poor mailman has to cart around – and then I have to clog up my shredder to get rid of it! I will stop there — think that’s enough of a rant!

    1. cappuccino Post author

      Can relate concerning Pin Numbers ,Golden…Last week,I forgot the pin no. for my Visa card (Senior moment,you understand? )anyway..I went to the bank and they said..No problem,you can change it…Just enter your pin into the machine and follow the promps.
      🙁 (Sigh)

      1. goldengirl1224

        Yes – know the feeling — and just yesterday while grocery shopping the lady in front of me went to pay for her purchases — many! –put her card into the reader and entered her PIN — came back incorrect! poor soul — then a rummage to find another card that she knew the pin for! Felt sorry for her…happens to us all!

  3. starlette

    Hi capps, well the two that come to my mind at the moment involve people and their annoying habits………..most afternoons I go out for Coffee/ Coke with my friend, but when he has drunk his drink the fiddling begins…..twisting the sugar sachets around, circling around the tray,tapping the spoon……..stop now, driving me nuts, even having to turn my head away now, just relax and stop fiddling will you, I have mentioned it to him……. maybe a bit deep for your blog, but its driving me crazy to the point of not wanting to go for a coke anymore……..and people who are chatting on messenger at the same time they are chatting with me…….so I get a message which has no relevance to our on going conversation…….so I reply, what are you talking about ??……..their reply, what ?? ……then me explaining, and on it goes……… now that is a waste of time….I give up….

    1. cappuccino Post author

      You need to think outside the square Star…Take your buddy and the drinks to bed in the afternoon,then he may be able to put his fiddling fingers to constructive use !
      Dont thank me…Happy to be of assistance. 🙂

        1. roseinbloom

          Star, now a woman’s opinion. Cap may be right, when the fiddling start, the man has other things on his mind. A romp is one, there are others. Seriously, when he starts fiddling, go for a walk or do something else. Men like to move and we women can benefit from the exercise.

          1. starlette

            Wish I could agree with you Rose, he certainly does have other things on his mind…….but not for his fiddling fingers to fiddle with my bodywork…lol……alas…… I would say the fiddling fingers are a hint he wants to get back and tinker with his classic car………

  4. friendlya

    The one that springs to mind, is Why? when you drop a piece of toast, cracker etc…does it always end up on the floor butter side down, and usually on the carpet, not on the bare floor…its a mystery!! lol

    1. cappuccino Post author

      It certainly is a mystery Friendlya,.. I did hear of a certain university that applied for a vast government grant to investigate the problem…. It seems they tied a piece of toast and marmalade to the back of a cat,then threw it out of the window…The toast survived the fall, marmalade side up,since the cat landed on its feet….Research ,I believe is continuing.

  5. roseinbloom

    Thank you for a good blog Cap and you want it funny. I don’t have an electric toothbrush so don’t have that problem. I have a lot of wireless equipment so I have reduced my cords to an almost manageable number.
    One comes to mind. Here in my burg the electric flicker off quite often and then every appliance has a clock and starts malfunctioning and flickering and needs reset.
    I like my manual clocks and quartz clocks, but the appliances have electricity. Just thought the clock in these things needs to be non electric. I like clocks of any kind, really, but I just don’t like resetting a bunch of clocks at just any time they happen to occur.

    1. cappuccino Post author

      Allow me to send you a book,Rose,on telling the time by observing the sun,moon,stars and the circulation of your bathwater down the plughole….Clock resetting will then become just a bad dream you once had. 🙂

  6. Peggyebritton

    I was at the garden centre trying to pay for some things I had brought ,I gave my card , lady put it in machine , tried twice said it wasn’t right , so I said Try my other card ,I knew this must be ok , I had done my food shopping earlier ,no that didn’t seem to work , I have never felt so embarrised , There was a man waiting to pay for his purchase I kept apologising , his wife kept giving me some funny looks , was I glad when it eventually went through , probably their machine ,

    1. cappuccino Post author

      Fitted sheets make me feel like putting my head in the gas oven Peggy…Why,Oh why are they always made smaller than the mattress they claim to fit….I often have to ask a girlfriend around to help me make the bed,thereby giving her a twinkle in her eye and me babbling on about needing to return library books or some such rubbish !

      1. goldengirl1224

        Yes, Peggy — a pet hate of mine – and I have a large one to fight with! I did Google how to achieve this with ease – and I don’t recall exactly how to do it but it involved turning the duvet cover inside out and laying the duvet on top and rolling it into place – another suggestion was to pin the corners of the duvet and cover and take it from there! Very frustrating experience – a necessary evil I guess. You might want to attempt based on these minimal instructions – or Google it – there are many helpful hints on ‘how to’.

    2. roseinbloom

      Peggy, I have never used a duvet so I highly recommend that. I have wrestled sheets until I managed to get sheets that fit better. Here in the USA they are constantly changing the depth of mattresses so you now have to check the depth for fit.
      We use two sheets blankets if needed and comforters or bedspreads. I duvet may be similar to a comforter.
      Why can’t they make them easier? They are only interested in making money not making the life of people easier.

  7. soozanna

    Hi Cap, What I hate is when I’m on line at the supermarket and when the cashier completes my checkout, she sneezes into her hand and then proceeds to hand me my change – ugh –
    When you make an important phone call, and are asked “would you mind being put on hold,” and then without waiting for an answer (as if they really cared) that’s where they put you – on hold forever. You are forced to listen to some loud awful music, and after you’ve remained on hold like an obedient child, you get disconnected. You then go through the same ritual again. ooh that is so frustrating.

    1. cappuccino Post author

      You,r lucky if you only get the terrible muzak Soozy..What stirs my corpuscles is when its interrupted by adverts and soothing tones of, “Your call is important to us,etc” Grrrrrrrrr !

      Yes..I have to agree with you about “Snotty” change……Typhoid Mary was an amateur compared to these people.

  8. foreveryoung2

    Whilst reading these comments my rescue dog Penny is barking at me to pick her up – as I refuse the barking gets louder and she starts pawing at my legs – so in frustration and the fact that I can’t refuse her big brown begging eyes, I, of course, pick her up to sit on my lap, otherwise I don’t get to continue with SC. And apart from this my knees are very painful from my arthritis and with her sitting on them makes it difficult to type and concentrate. The things we do for love 🙂

  9. soozanna

    I hate it when people chew their food and talk at the same time. It’s like trying to avoid flying shrapnel. I find myself putting one hand over my beverage, and the other trying to protect my plate from becoming their target.
    Then there is the waitress (to be politically correct these days I should say server), but I’ll stick with waitress for now. When she, okay or he, brings me my beverage in a glass and puts their fingers around the rim where I am going to put my mouth. I’ve had a cup of coffee brought over where the cup was held by the handle and their thumb was inside the rim. Oh, and then there is the coffee cups with leftover lipstick that remained from a previous customer. I definitely should eat home at all times!
    ….and God forbid I have to use a public bathroom. I don’t touch anything! I use a paper towel to open and close the door and my shoe to flush….and did you ever notice how many people don’t wash their hands.
    Thanks for letting me vent.

    1. cappuccino Post author

      No,No Soozy, You are doing it wrong…You dont use your shoe to eject your unwanted stuff around the toilet bend…Just push the button on top and a cleansing rush of water will do it for you.

      1. soozanna

        I no longer drive and therefore use the senior bus provided by the city. It drives me bananas when someone is talking on their phone with the speaker on and you have to hear their entire conversation. I don’t need to hear that your friend is still constipated. AND some people feel the need to share their “hygiene” in pubic . I’ve been on the bus and one woman took her shoes off, put her feet on the empty seat beside her, and began to rub cream into them. THEN there was the man that relaxed back in his seat, “picked a winner”, rolled it between his thumb and index finger, (remember he is slouched down on his seat) and casually bent his elbow over the back of his seat and flicked! Of course, wherever you are, there is always that person who has the need to comb/brush her hair while sitting next to you or right in front of you. KEEP YOUR SMELLY FEET IN YOUR SHOES, USE A TISSUE, AND KEEP YOUR DANDRUFF TO YOURSELF. There, I feel better now.

  10. PamfromTX

    People going to town… smacking and making a strange crackling sound while chewing gum. I was in line at a store and a woman was behind me making this pesky sound with her gum. I turned around and gave her a look. She was blowing huge bubbles very close to my hair. OMGGGGGGGGGG, how annoying.

    1. cappuccino Post author

      I can hugely sympathise with you on this Pam.Iv always felt that people masticating and blowing pink bubbles to be bordering on the rediculous….fortunately,in this country its rarely seen ,and then only by pre-pubescents trying to look “Cool”….Disgusting as it is,I suppose its better than when I was young,when smoking cigarettes was the “in” thing to do….Fortunately thats dying out too.

      1. natani

        Navigating kids bicycles left across shop doorways and footpaths. Ignorant people who chuck their drinks cans and takeaway cartons (sometimes with food left in them ) and other rubbish over my front wall. And I agree with Goldengirl on the junk mail too .

  11. cappuccino Post author

    I was on a short domestic flight recently..crammed into a cattle class window seat,(No choice,the plane was full),when a 20 something girl in the seat in front of me,farted !
    OMG..What had she been eating yesterday ?..It was the most pungent,offensive, eye-watering odour I have ever been assaulted by….The overhead air vent was pathetically useless ,and I was reduced to fanning myself vigerously with the crash instructions card and hoping that it would actually occur in the near future.
    Henceforth,I shall carry a small container of air freshener with me …One hopes it will survive the security processes.