The hillbilly 10 commandments.

1,  Aint but one god.

2, Honor yer Ma and Pa

3, No tellin tales,nor gossipin

4, Git yer hide to sunday meetins

5,  Aint nuffin come before the lord

6,  No foolin with another fella,s gal

7,  No killin,cept fer critters

8,  Quit yer foul mouthin

9, No swipin yer kin folk,s stuff

10, Dont be hankerin fer it neither

(Author unknown to me)

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  1. roseinbloom

    Most people fail with the gossiping, bearing false witness and lying about people. It is tragic what damage can be caused by gossipers, etc
    If you are human you will want or covet, but if you want to be decent, you won’t act on wanting and coveting.