My Big Fat Senior Moment (MBFSM)

Hey Ho ! Its off to Tin Can Bay we go !
Thurs nite,I dug out my trusty Samsonite (Bought at Macy,s 80% off,after christmas sale) from under the bed..chiselled off the dust bunnys, and found that I had locked it previosly....Oh Ohhh....I,d forgotten the lock combination..Now, since it only had 3 tumblers,it should only have 999 combinations...Hmmm...My thoughts turned to a wrecking bar or a gunny sack I had got at "Silly Sollys Thuper Thaterday Thale "for only $10...Fortunately,I recall the combo in time, and threw my sox and jocks into it.
I should have known it was all downhill from there.
Went to the gym at 5;30 Fri morn...Home at 6;30am...Went over to Jens and said "gonna shower and have brekky,lets be on the road by 7...ok? "
8am We are finally ready to go...(she had got into a game of Majong on her computer and forgot the time).
Oh well!..Off we go !
11 hours and 900 kilometers later, we sight Tin Can Bay ...well..sorta, By this time its dark and back aches and my right foot has gone numb...finally find the "Tin Can Bay Motel" and ask "mine host"..."Have the others arrived?"....He said.."No,you are early !"
"Am I ?"
"Yes...About one week early...You are booked in for Sept 4...Next Friday "
Aaaaaaghhhhh !. (Wailing and gnashing of teeth ! )
So..its book in for the nite and drive home again tomorrow.
He suggested we go to the Country Club for a lost ,finding it, (dark and rainy,remember ?).the meal was good but slow to arrive...I think most of TCB was there...Thems the breaks ! Got lost trying to find the motel again !

A word about the motel for other chatters next week,
Yes..Its clean and the owners are helpful and friendly...Decor is 70s/80s,,no problem,although the light switches can be in odd locations...The kitchenette has a microwave...electric jug..crockery and cutlery..toaster.. A small fridge /freezer,containing the smallest carton of UHT milk ,I ever did see (150 ml )..a few "bushells" tea bags,coffee and sugar straws.
The queen size bed was a bit hard for my taste,but I was too tired to care...The shower cubicle was an adequate size for one,but a little snug for two,if you want to shower with a friend..That may not be a problem if they are really,really friendly. (He said wistfully ).
For more than one nights stay,I suggest you bring you own soap,shampoo,tea bags etc...There is a cpl of general stores there..although it may only be one ,as I probably passed it twice ,getting unlost.
Theres a pool outside and a BBQ,the grounds are pretty and well groomed.
All I gotta do now,is do that drive again next friday.
See ya,s there, 🙂

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  1. Faye

    Yah daft Aphid!!! It’s age related you know…hahaha!!! At least you got a look at what youre letting yourself in for…:-)

  2. lani36

    CAPPUCCINNO ! i CANNOTT BELIEVE WHAT I JUST READ… i SENT YOU a pm a week ago to let you know for sure the date and the time and the place… hahahahahaha. says a lot about reading your messages….
    I was told it had been brought forward a week and norma assured me it had not , so i sent you a message claryfing that very thing…..
    We woman have to do everything for you guys, hahahahahha,
    anyway alls not lost just the expenses of your wayward journey hahahah, trying not to think what jen thinks of it all hahahhaha .. rofl …..
    anyway have a great time , still laughing ….. Lani xha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ah

      1. Neecee

        See? There’s much point in leaving men messages…they don’t read ’em anyway! I thought it was odd you said you were having dinner in TCB this past Friday, but I said nothing to you. Next time I guess maybe I should in fact….speak up!

    1. nmod

      Hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Cappy !! Oh ,dear ! Anyway ….at least ,now you know the way ! And where to have dinner !!!
      Think of the positives ….
      1)You and Jen are now packed ! , so for next Friday it would be as simple as in the car and go !
      2) You now know how long it will take you to get there , so you can leave home earlier and arrive TCB before dark !
      3) You know where to have dinner and that they are slow at bringing food to the table , so next time ,make sure you are not starving .
      4) The weather may improve by then ( .hopefully ! )
      5) You and Jen got an extra weekend away !
      6) you now remember the lock combination for the Samsonite !
      7) you and Jen will pack extra toiletries and tea and coffee !
      8) Now you know that milk comes in 150ml packs .
      9 ) Now …” You Know The Weekend is NEXT WEEK !
      10) And ….Best of all !! You have given us a good laugh !!
      See you next week !

  3. nmod

    Cappy ,the Gympie Music Muster Festival was on this weekend . That may explain a bigger crowd at TCB . It will hopefully be better next weekend 🙂

  4. skylerlulu

    lol,,,, am speechless,,,lol,,, cappy you just made us look bad sir wiff da women,,,lol,,lol he he,, no need to fret,,,i have done worse things sir,,,lol,,,lol,,,

  5. macathy

    Happens to the best of us Capps.i remember my husband taking me to his best friends engagement party ,we rolled up on time “,I said doesn’t look like a big crowd ” he insured me it would be a big do, half hour later he asked the waiter if it was the engagement party tonight,He replied “No that’s next week”so don’t feel bad.

      1. nmod

        Oh Cappy ! No need to feel bad about it ! I know is not funny to have driven all that way …and then to have to do it all again this week !
        ( I hope we are worth the effort !) but , you made it sound so funny ! You wrote a fabulous blog !
        That’s another positive to add to the list ! A hidden secret many of us didn’t know …You are an excellent writer ! And you have a great sense of humor ! I think we will have a blast this coming weekend !
        I remember years ago ,I arrived to church on a Sunday morning loaded with baked goods for the fundraising cake stall …to be told that it had already happened the day before ! On the Saturday ! It happened to me …and I wasn’t even a senior then !
        We had a great morning feast that day ,after Sunday Mass ! lol
        Looking forward to TCB ! See you then !

  6. grandmaj

    Lol Capps. I remember my last born child and celebrating her birthday on the 8th of August every year for 3 years. Til my mother in law said she thought daughters birthday was the 10th… lol She was correct… and I was only 30 myself then so what was my excuse.

  7. cappuccino Post author

    You think I,m confused ??
    Sunday morning,Jenny bought her bag over…I said “No Jen..we are going to Tin Can Bay again,next friday”
    Yesterday she bought her bag over..I said”Friday we are going to,s Monday”
    This morning she bought her bag over,, I said, “Put it in the spare room next to my bag, Dear”