Seen at 9 Chickweed Lane ,today.

Image obsession has to rate among the most fatuous on earth.
We are not what we look like,but what we do.
Our lives and our character are not just rumours spread in giggling conspiratorial whispers.
Who cares what people say !
Know the truth about yourself !

(Erm..... Okay,So whats my image ?)

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  1. starlette

    Your image to me is a cheeky chappie, witty, ……..can see you sitting on the park bench passing the time of day, reliving times in your life with whoever stops to chat…….. optimistic and none moaning, I think you appreciate what you have in life and make the most of it, always open to new ideas and activities……….so that’s your characteristics………looks wise I don’t go there, but definitely always a ready grin and a genuine smile……… If you don’t mind, can you get the cheque in the post as prearranged payment for my complimentary report on you………haaaaaa…….

    1. Faye

      Good grief…youre accepting a cheque Star. Be careful…it might be signed by Mickey Mouse..:-)

  2. Faye

    Cap I think that you just might have a fairly positive outlook on life. You look for and find the best in people. Not too sure about that park bench that Star mentioned…think maybe a little more active than that and prefer to be out meeting and greeting new people. You also like the challenges that life brings with each passing year. I think the old saying of ‘not getting older, getting better’ might apply to you…:-)

  3. lani36

    Cappuccino is a man who stands by his friends and not afraid to say so …
    Enough of the compliments , they might go to his head, can’t have that … lol
    Think all that lovely sunshine in Queensland makes the best of the best ..

    No cheques neccesary , ( made of rubber up there ) ahahahah… Lani xx.

  4. roseinbloom

    Cap, I don’t know you but do like your humor and I never hear anything nasty or mean spirited. I have no way of knowing what you actually do, but I assume it isn’t to harm others and spreading some fun around.