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 Wild women and cheap whisky

I like wild women, also cheap whisky. Both have a tendency to fiddle with your brain – of course it’s pleasurable, thank the lord! I have decided to stop drinking on my 94th birthday. I still need wilder women. I promise to hold you in the sunset dear wilder woman, watch the sun go down, […]

 Kicking leaves

Funny how love is. It can be sudden, or a life long journey, building along the way. Fact is we are always slaves to this emotion. How do we deal with it? Interesting thought. We cannot , because our instincts show us “direction” I once promised a lover that each autumn I would walk in […]

 Police and guns

I’m british – live in Sweden yes. Arm British policeĀ  – yes. British police have an armed force, that in minutes can be deployed anywhere. Not to the delight of a local farmer I knew, who was killed because he shot a police dog – after blowing out half of the local pub shooting up […]

 Pension or not?

Thought I might share a letter that my dear wife sent off to the UK pension service. I persuaded her at length to let me blog it. She doesn’t like chatting, or blogging, but promised to look into sc for the first time, as we have a bet that there will be no replies (gonna […]

 Scotty’s apology

Scotty! I would have replied – as the norm – under your blog, but upon seeing the 23 replies (and being late) I thought you might miss my reply. I will cut this as short as I can. It’s a reply, not a blog! Firstly, you really had no reason to apologize, as it was […]

 Religion in crossfire

A newbie chatter made me think yesterday ( have a love hate relationship with thinking). He is an Indian – sub continent – not US. I made some comment about Muslims and our history. He then told me he was Hindu and that reminded me of a story from my past, that I promised to […]

 Hoarding ad infinitum

I find hoarding interesting! That little piece of plastic, that doesn’t seem to fit anything must have a use? I will find a jam jar thats not already full for that important item. I have lots of pens that don’t work. They can share the new “abode”, but then, where will I situate the new […]

 My own ghost.

30 odd years ago I bought a ruined cottage in South West England. I had been visiting the place since 1961. It belonged to my mother’s best friend. The cottage is from 1460, at least thats when it first appeared in church records. It was a full ruin, the roof and floors had collapsed into […]

 Long way to Calgary

I was on the bus (as usual) a few weeks back. Looking out of the window (in order not to look at handsome ladies) I spot an older guy in the ditch at the side of the road, carrying a full sized wooden crucifixion cross. He looked out of shape and in Dire straights ( […]