Long way to Calgary

I was on the bus (as usual) a few weeks back. Looking out of the window (in order not to look at handsome ladies) I spot an older guy in the ditch at the side of the road, carrying a full sized wooden crucifixion cross. He looked out of shape and in Dire straights ( I still listen to them). I love adventure so I pressed the stop button and got off at the next stop (read wilderness).
It took forever for the cross bearer to make the quarter mile to the stone on which I had ensconced myself. I thought he had given up. When he arrived I could see he was in poor shape. No gear , no water, nothing. He was wearing just a Tshirt, and I could see his right shoulder was raw from the cross. I now became concerned.
The cross bearer told me he was going to walk to Stockholm which is about 250 miles from where we stood. It was day one and he had done10 miles thus far. Then he made off with the cross not looking back.
I got the next bus and rode on 5 stops to a builders outlet where I am known. I had no cash or cards with me - but I expected I might be able to buy "on the slate". I purchased a trolly wheel with fittings, some screws - a cheap screwdriver, some webbing, and a cheap bag. When I told the old dame that runs the place my intentions toward the cross bearer, she generously donated the gear, plus a couple of bottles of water (note here - Christian act no. one that day).
I sat and waited forever until the cross bearer turned up. When he eventually did - I told him of my plan - Fit the wheel to the tail end of the cross, and make a webbing sling to distribute the weight off his right shoulder. No way was he having this!!! "Jesus didn't have a wheel or a sling" he almost shouted. I pointed out to him that he had already walked futher that day than Jesus did to calgary.
He thought on this for ages then agreed to the wheel and sling.
I fitted the wheel and sling, then gave him the water. I could see him looking down the road, at that moment,for him, I didn't exist so I expected no thanks.
He made off not looking back. Then way down the road he stopped and shouted "God bless you"

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    1. bathchairdave Post author

      Thanks Tania. These posts are all true. Somewhat embelished, which is what story tellers do, however, true in the main. Just thought I would write off some of my most recent accidents in life, and it seemed to tittilate folks so I did a few more.