Scotty’s apology

I would have replied - as the norm - under your blog, but upon seeing the 23 replies (and being late) I thought you might miss my reply. I will cut this as short as I can. It's a reply, not a blog!
Firstly, you really had no reason to apologize, as it was my blog title that misled you. Secondly, what a nice gesture anyway! Thirdly, and the important thing, homosexuality. If I said I didn't care if you were gay or not, it would be more or less a put- down, fact is I do care. I find you an interesting person, and your homosexuality is an integral part of yourself. What saddens, and confounds me, is the mentality of those, who without due reflection, and consideration feel free to threaten, or even persecute you.
As to religion? Buy me a hair shirt next time you are in town?
Lets become, and remain friends.

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  1. Postman73

    For a non-blog Dave, may I be the first to say, what a fantastic post ! Great stuff mate, and echo’d by yours truly.

    1. roseinbloom

      starlette, “a hair shirt” was worn for penance, so now it is used as a “willingness or need to do penance. It also may be called “sackcloth” which is used for the same purpose. As if we need more punishment than we get already.

  2. Scotty75

    Wow, Dave…..
    Thank you for such beautiful words and sentiment. I truly do appreciate it. I’ll start looking for that shirt…………..ha ! Thanks again………:)


  3. roseinbloom

    Dave, Congratulations on a job well done. I am impressed with your blog and you stated everything so elegantly, you definitely are very competent in expressing yourself and your character is also impressive.

  4. starlette

    Quite agree Rose, Dave has definitely been hiding his light under a bushel………..aha….the hair shirt comes into play now does it, rough stuff and dirty fingernails……..what more could a gal ask for…….xxxx

    1. bathchairdave Post author

      It might be a thought for a Panto? “Hairshirt Dave, and the dominant Princess” Methinks it would be an adult hit – however Panto’s are for children, and doting grandparents so why spoil it – lol. xxx

  5. lani36

    Dave, I didnt know you were a Monk (LANI SOFTLY SMILING )..
    Well done DAVE,, WHAT A GENT …XX

    1. bathchairdave Post author

      I do love the re-introduction of my “gent” status. Genteel behaviour is actually really important to me! I suppose I’m old fashioned in that respect. I always “doff” my hat to ladies for instance, which can have disastrous results at pedestrian crossings when I doff my hat at ladies that stop and let me cross. They all look so pleased! Some even start a blush! Unfortunately when they resume their journey it can be with a crash of gears, and somewhat erratic driving – still I suppose their day was brighter – and so was mine xxx

    1. bathchairdave Post author

      Agree Rose – matching hair shirt, and shorts! I wasn’t thinking of doing penance, I was thinking of enjoying a good old scratch – lol.