Hoarding ad infinitum

I find hoarding interesting!
That little piece of plastic, that doesn't seem to fit anything must have a use? I will find a jam jar thats not already full for that important item. I have lots of pens that don't work. They can share the new "abode", but then, where will I situate the new "home"? Of course, on top of the other filled jam jars, but then, where will I put my important collection of three year old newspapers, and used bus tickets? - The tickets have history - they show me where I have been . I know, I will put the tickets and newspapers in front of the cardboard boxes (they are useful in case my landlord evicts me for hoarding, and I have to move). The boxes and newpapers will block the front door though, and I need to take out the trash. Never mind I will put the trash in the kitchen. The bathroom is already full. Ages since I had a shower.
I feel tired now climbing over my beloved items so I can't post anymore.
I will return when I find more jam jars.

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  1. roseinbloom

    Hoarding. You seem to understand it dave, Now I just have too much stuff. The homes in America are built with more and more storage and there is still never enough. We broke dishes faster than we could buy them, I accumulated 6 sets and I have given away 3 sets, but I still have more than I need. Same is true of clothing. I buy a lot more than I wear out. At least I am getting a handle on my problem. I need to buy less. I don’t like shopping and I may get the problem under control soon.

  2. nmod

    Hoarding ranges from mild to severe. In some cases, hoarding may not have much impact in people’s lives while in other cases it seriously affects the
    functioning and quality of their daily life .
    People with severe hoarding disorder are not usually happy to live a cramped up space ,surrounded by mountains of possessions ,but find it too distressing to part with things regardless of their value .
    I don’t know what type of hoarder you are David or if you are indeed one .
    But I know someone with the disorder , and I can assure you that in this case …severe hoarding it’s not a laughing matter .

  3. starlette

    Hey there Dave, well you have really excelled yourself now, dipped your toe in the water…….Hoarders, well there are the ones with mental health issues who put their own life’s and that of their neighbours at risk from fire and vermin infestation, and then the ones who hang on to rubber bands, bits of string jam jars, screws……well I’m sure they will come in handy one day,………no I’m not a hoarder, buy far to many clothes, but the local charity shop does ok out of me…….good tongue in cheek blog…..hehe…..xxxxxx

  4. PamfromTX

    Hope I am not a hoarder. 😆 I donate every six months when I see that we haven’t worn an object of clothing and is just hanging in the closet or tucked in a drawer. I go thru the entire home to see what I can give and make it a point to fill up a box or two as I go. I just drive thru the Goodwill building and they take the box out for you and give you a receipt. I have given them so much in the last year and a half.