Kicking leaves

Funny how love is. It can be sudden, or a life long journey, building along the way. Fact is we are always slaves to this emotion. How do we deal with it? Interesting thought. We cannot , because our instincts show us "direction"

I once promised a lover that each autumn I would walk in the woods - kick leaves and think of her - I fall in love easily - but hold my promises- and so I kick leaves and think of her.

Why can't we accept refugees who would like a little love and understanding? - What on earth is it we have that transcends brotherhood? I would like to see love in the marketplace - just a handshake, and eye contact - zero out the terrorists. One is unlikely to car bomb someone who just hugged you?

Of course I'm a fool! - send them all back!!! - but they are here - with us and have no place to go. A little love is not out of place??

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  1. starlette

    Quite agree with you Dave………think maybe the problem we have is that very often we lump everyone together………a few bad acts committed by people of the same nationality and they are all classed as baddies, terrorists etc………same very often goes for teenagers, they sometimes get a bad press because in the news we here about the violent druggies, and not about the good deeds and fundraising that teenagers do……….re the current influx of refugees who lose their life’s trying to escape from their country, the risk is worth it to them because they know if they remain in their country then torture and death is a certainty………….no brainer really…

  2. bathchairdave Post author

    I have a great respect for people “right off the boat” Star.
    I myself, even my family in later days, have been “right off the boat” Sweden in my case. Ozz and NZ , my wife and I. USA my wife 2 daughters and myself. One does feel vunerable, and unfortunately sometimes treated with contempt.

  3. roseinbloom

    I have no memories of any relative living in any other country but I love to meet people from other countries and share and learn their culture. The USA has been greatly enriched by the people who come here yet a lot of people like to treat them badly and blame them for a lot of things.
    Since we are trading with China, we are gradually opening our minds to learning a lot of the wisdom of the far East. I am glad for that in spite of what our current President says.

  4. ladybabe2

    Sadly people don’t seem to be able to differentiate between refugees, economic migrants, and those born here.
    We know that the refugee system can be open to abuse but then everything is open to abuse.
    Fear and ignorance like that shown to those in the Jewish faith during the 30’s and it wasn’t just Germany, Hitler just utilised it magnified it and took it to the a horrifying conclusion.
    3 of my grandchildren have a African grandfather and I can’t tell you the number of times when l have pointed out that my grandchildren are of mixed race (think that has become unpc) the response is “oh l don’t mean them they don’t look it”
    Sorry off my rant, yes a little love and understanding goes an awful long way…

  5. bathchairdave Post author

    I liked your responce Ladybabe! – I think a lot of us will have to “” take up arms against a sea of trouble, and by opposing – end them” – no doubt misquoted – however, I did really like what you had to say. Nice one!