Wild women and cheap whisky

I like wild women, also cheap whisky.

Both have a tendency to fiddle with your brain - of course it's pleasurable, thank the lord! I have decided to stop drinking on my 94th birthday. I still need wilder women. I promise to hold you in the sunset dear wilder woman, watch the sun go down, kiss your hand ( be honest when the tide comes in- no good having a sandy bum and being drowned).

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  1. starlette

    Haaaa…..can I be considered for one of your wilder women………I wont fiddle with your brain I promise………..fiddling elsewhere……could well do…lol…..

  2. roseinbloom

    bathchairdave, I guess whiskey and women both do fiddle with your brain; good comparison. If you drink whiskey, then the wild women can really fiddle with your brain. I am disappointed that you did not tell more of your story.

    1. bathchairdave Post author

      I was just bored with no blogs happening and started writing – thoughtlessly I might add!!! I suppose I should write something serious.
      Any comment from yourself is a plus though, that I must admit!!!
      You wouldn’t want to hear of some of the situations in which wild women, and whiskey have gotten my sad self!! Of course in retrospect, I wouldn’t have been without those times.

      1. roseinbloom

        Dave, if we don’t have some stories involving alcohol and love that we won’t tell, we haven’t lived much. We are all lucky to survive our youth.

  3. bathchairdave Post author

    Rose you are a grand Lady!
    Always your intellect scientifically dissects, and appraises blogs. I admit I am not the best blogger in here, but you do keep me on my toes!!! For this I am grateful. I might even become serious – naaah – not me iz it – lol. I be a happy fool!!!

    1. ozzie59

      Dave…good to see your bony arse…not into the whiskey…but wine..yeah!…Good to see that you are not getting into the serious stuff…just stay a happy fool…lol…

      1. bathchairdave Post author

        Ozzy – of course you know I love yer sorry butt.
        Now I found out u are leaving. I have missed many in here when they left – but u and I were always straight up. A flame, an interest. You make sure u rest and come back dear lady!! Otherwize ol dave will be zad!!!

        1. ozzie59

          Hi Dave…not coming back to chat…seems like everyone is deserting that ship….what a shame…was enjoying chatting to everyone….way it goes…miss ya….hope we can still chat somewhere out there in cyberspace…