Wild women and cheap whisky

I like wild women, also cheap whisky.

Both have a tendency to fiddle with your brain - of course it's pleasurable, thank the lord! I have decided to stop drinking on my 94th birthday. I still need wilder women. I promise to hold you in the sunset dear wilder woman, watch the sun go down, kiss your hand ( be honest when the tide comes in- no good having a sandy bum and being drowned).

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10 thoughts on “Wild women and cheap whisky

  1. roseinbloom

    bathchairdave, I guess whiskey and women both do fiddle with your brain; good comparison. If you drink whiskey, then the wild women can really fiddle with your brain. I am disappointed that you did not tell more of your story.

    1. bathchairdave Post author

      I was just bored with no blogs happening and started writing – thoughtlessly I might add!!! I suppose I should write something serious.
      Any comment from yourself is a plus though, that I must admit!!!
      You wouldn’t want to hear of some of the situations in which wild women, and whiskey have gotten my sad self!! Of course in retrospect, I wouldn’t have been without those times.

  2. bathchairdave Post author

    Rose you are a grand Lady!
    Always your intellect scientifically dissects, and appraises blogs. I admit I am not the best blogger in here, but you do keep me on my toes!!! For this I am grateful. I might even become serious – naaah – not me iz it – lol. I be a happy fool!!!

      1. bathchairdave Post author

        Ozzy – of course you know I love yer sorry butt.
        Now I found out u are leaving. I have missed many in here when they left – but u and I were always straight up. A flame, an interest. You make sure u rest and come back dear lady!! Otherwize ol dave will be zad!!!

        1. ozzie59

          Hi Dave…not coming back to chat…seems like everyone is deserting that ship….what a shame…was enjoying chatting to everyone….way it goes…miss ya….hope we can still chat somewhere out there in cyberspace…

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