childhood memories

my earliest memories are of never having pocket money, having hand me down clothes where sometimes the trousers seams split in the most awkward of places lol and hiding in the school toilets at dinner times to make the other kids think we were either gone home for dinner or was at school dinners cos there was nothing to eat at home.
Mostly the memories are of good times because when your young in a family of 10 kids you stick together and enjoy what you have together.
We never had xmas or birthday presents but thats cos we knew we were poor and different from a lot of others but our friends at school and in the street never treated you as anything but mates.
We were cheeky as you had to be to get what you wanted sometimes lol like standing at a bus stop at barry island beach resort begging for bus fare home lol A lovely man from his house across the road came over asked us what we were doing and took us into his house gave us some tea and then took us home. He was the chairman of barry town F.C. and later became president of the welsh football association and i will never forget his generosity.
I earned my pocket money by going shopping for the lady across the road who could never go herself as she owed the shop keeper money all the time lol

My mother had been bed ridden for years and my father preferred the pubs and darts and pigeons to his children and so after she died when i was ten and my sister of 17 started looking after us, it wasn,t long before he decided to put us in local authoritycare. Those old
enough found lodgings and work where they could and the rest into care.
It was the best thing that ever happened as we had pocket money every week new clothes and most important xmas and birthday presents lol.
Did we ever feel miserable growing up earlier?? the answer like most kids is no because it was all we knew and like kids do throughout the world we made our own happiness in our own little worlds.
Did we feel second class citizens? yes at times like when you had to hide in the school toilets at dinner time because you didn,t want the other kids to know you weren,t having school dinners and you couldn,t go home for dinner because there was nothing to eat Like kids everywhere we made our happiness out of nothing and sometimes thats the best sort of happiness

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  1. roseinbloom

    Cefnrider, Your life story is interesting and very sad.It is hard to make happiness out of nothing, even for kids, but they manage to be joyful a lot. Maybe we can do that in old age also. Happiness out of nothing is quite a challenge.

  2. macathy

    Great cef I enjoyed reading that.Kids can be happy with very little I think,and you seem to have succeeded in archiving that.Parents often have to do what they feel is the best at the time .

  3. lani36

    Children are so resiliant arn,t they cefn? they can make a toy out of a couple of stones, a tin can, play hiding from one and other, doesnt matter if they are the poorest or the wealthiest kiddies on the street, their weren,t many wealthy kiddies on our block, after w.w.2 seems most had struggling parents,but they were good times looking back on them., and it taught us to grow up strong and realising that the world is what one has to make it .

  4. Faye

    As requested…..BANG!!! LOL…Cef a great piece of writing and nice to see a little of someone elses life as they grow into what they are now. Thanks.