The Mama Bear in Me

The Mama Bear in Me

A recent blog by Waylander and its comments triggered a memory I want to share.

Several years ago, my daughter and I were out together and we stopped to get gas. She got out to pump the gas while waited in the car. I saw a man pull up in a car, straight across from the pumps. He was staring our way, then got out and started walking toward us. He was really focused on my daughter Angela, who was age 19 at the time.

Now I was used to boys and men looking at her, but this guy gave me a creepy feeling. He looked to be in his sixties. He never took his eyes off of my girl, and he walked right up to her and asked "What's your name?"

This 40 something Mama hadn't moved that fast or with such determination in a long time. Before Ang had a chance to answer, I was out of the car and almost nose to nose with Mr. Creepy Curious Rude Perv. (I had to look up a little, but that didn't intimidate me.)
Very firmly I said to him "What is YOUR name?!!" (Ok, I admit my heart was racing, but it wasn't intimidation.)

Most of you don't know me well, but I am not a confrontational person by nature. Oh, I have become a bit bolder in my old age, but I'm still fairly mild-mannered. It's true that Ang was legally an adult then, but Mama Bear just instinctively came forward! I couldn't help it.

The man responded with great fear to my bold confrontation! Just kidding. He gave me an annoyed look, then pointed down to his belt. He was wearing a badge near his belt buckle. Yes, a plain clothed police officer in an unmarked car.

I didn't feel bad though. I think any law enforcement person would advise women (and everyone) to be cautious, and not to give personal information to a stranger! Especially to a man that doesn't even say hello, but only "What's you name?"

(Okay, I did feel kind of bad for mentally calling him Mr. Creepy Curious Rude Perv)

I said "I didn't realize you were an officer." He said that a search was going on for a vehicle that matched ours. We then answered his questions.

My daughter was all about being a new adult at age 19, and didn't want me interfering with her great independence and incredible maturity! However, she was grateful that her Mom/ Mama Bear was there that day. That incident scared my little girl, and she wasn't ashamed to admit it.

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  1. roseinbloom

    Here, a policeman must identify himself FIRST. Maybe he was just an old perv. Also
    an officer needs probable cause and a car of the same model is not probable cause. You did right.

      1. lani36

        well done momma bear, would have done the same, think it,s instinct to protect our own.. and he went about his business in a very confronting way ,, not at all skilled in his profession , you did well..xx…

  2. ozzybloke

    Some people handle their position of authority well, some don’t. You handled your self as a mother in the best possible way. Good for you.

  3. millie

    That police officer had no reason to be annoyed or upset. He should’ve been glad that there are moms like you out there – prob makes his job easier whether or not he realizes it. Your daughter is lucky to have you – you’re a real mom 🙂