”Where’s Chetak?”

Translated from  Hindi –  posted originally at allpoetry.com/Abhilaaj. ‘’The audience respects me, they love my dance, my voice.’’ ‘’I feel satisfied, elated whenever I dance in the courtroom,’’ She said to her Drum- player. ”I wish I danced all my life and the audience kept on clapping forever.” ‘’That the festivities never came to an […]

If only Scarlet Poppies could talk……..

Scarlet Poppies Stern, ancient yew trees stand as cynical observers; Enclosed within ancient walls of learning; secret desires: Booming organ peals buried in mazes of silent subways, Echoes of knights battling; clamouring broadswords: Deep wells of mysteries; overflow spent murderous intent. Incense and antiquity pervade this monastery garden, Scattered with scarlet poppies, innocently attentive: Coffee […]

Little Kindnesses

My life overflows with little kindnesses Showered upon me Like glittering stardust From midnight skies: A tender text A caring call Meal lovingly prepared To feed the inner child: Letters stuffed to bursting With concerned caresses; Bear-hugged cards Covered in healing kisses: Helping hands soothing Over persistent perplexities; Willing time-travailed Tools repairing reams of Roaming […]