”Where’s Chetak?”

Translated from  Hindi –  posted originally at allpoetry.com/Abhilaaj.

‘’The audience respects me, they love my dance, my voice.’’

‘’I feel satisfied, elated whenever I dance in the courtroom,’’ She said to her Drum- player.

”I wish I danced all my life and the audience kept on clapping forever.”

‘’That the festivities never came to an end.’’

‘’Amin’’ said the Muslim Drum player, sincerely raising his hands skywards in prayer.


‘’The Bullock cart is ready, shall we move out Madam’’, She was asked.

However as she proceeded ahead wanting to caress her favorite Bull named Chetak she was dumbstruck to find him replaced.

‘’Where’s Chetak?’’ She asked the drum player.

‘’Didn’t he carry us to the palace of the King a month ago for a dance program?’’

She asked.

‘’Kindly be patient Ballerina, Chetak is there in the palace of the new King’’,

We would meet him there.’’ the drummer requested her.


They went ahead for the dancing program to the palace of a new King.

After the dance was over in twilight, she told the drum player she wanted to meet


The drum- player drew out a new drum and started playing it with great enthusiasm.

The dancer could not stop herself and started dancing vigorously in company of the drum- player.

They were soon exhausted, very tired.

They stopped.

As they were packing up, the drum player revealed to her

''Do you know that you were dancing on the beat of a brand new drum made from the skin of Chetak.

‘’He got old !’’

The drum player said.

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  1. LoneRogue

    This is a very Hindi, reincarnation poem, isn’t it? I spent 2 months in India in 1970 and found the Hindi people gentle helpful and open. I’m glad for your success with this poem Abhilaaj.

  2. Rockflower

    A lovely vignette Abhilaaj, do you think you two may have know each other in a previous life? On rare occasions one meets a person and there is an immediate synchonicity, regardless of age, nationality or race. This is a kind of deep recognition of energies or soul. I think you can have a similar recognition with an animal even an landscape. It is one of those things hard to describe but you recognize it when you experience it and it is wonderful.

  3. Abhilaaj Post author

    agreed fully Rockflower –Love your name– Kindly read one of my blogs– Story of Pintoo my street dog- available right here dear and favor me with a critique soon.

  4. sunshine777

    I do hope that all of my friends here are well and enjoying happy lives….
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