Little Kindnesses

My life overflows with little kindnesses

Showered upon me

Like glittering stardust

From midnight skies:

A tender text

A caring call

Meal lovingly prepared

To feed the inner child:

Letters stuffed to bursting

With concerned caresses;

Bear-hugged cards

Covered in healing kisses:

Helping hands soothing

Over persistent perplexities;

Willing time-travailed

Tools repairing reams of

Roaming ravaging;

Gentle plasters healing

Bruised beatings of life:

Candles light the darkness

Weaving welcoming lights;

Lilting voices rise in

Greeting; transforming

House to loving home:


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    1. LoneRogue

      You have a way of finding lots of things to please you. That must be nice. I suspect you just have a great gift of focus. Focusing on the good and paying little attention to those things that fit another category.

      Good onya.

        1. len1932

          When you fell out of the apple tree.

          And I caught you in the arms of me.

          I knelled on my good knee,

          And asked you to marry me,

          It was almost that way with my first wife of 55 years. I was at the USO High School dance for Air Force men going through basic training and was a wall flower as did not dance. Most host’s friend was a great dancer and when she was tired she came over and talked to me. After 20 minutes she said my parents are going to pick me up in a few minutes, will you go home with me and meet my folks? We were engaged in 3 months and married in 6 when she graduated from high school.