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 What was your vision ??

Hello Peeps……….cast your mind back to your teens, twenties……..what way did you envisage your life going………..for the girlies was it the fairy tale wedding, country cottage, 2.4 children ( never did figure out what the point 4 was, maybe an arm or a leg of a offspring )……..large garden with chickens, couple of dogs and […]

 Memories Of Summer Fun

What are some of your memories of those childhood summers of, it seems, so long ago? I was browsing through my sites and noticed this mentioned elsewhere. thought I’d post this question to you folks. One of my fond memories of summers past, when I was so young, is eating lots of watermelons, and constantly […]

 Wise Words…..

What wise words from your upbringing still ring in your ears today or even some nonsensical sayings? ¬†For example: Don’t come running to me when you have broke your leg, after being told a dozen times to get down off the wall Words I say to my own: Your as good as the next person […]

 Back to school!

I love back to school! Why? Because the neighborhood gets quieter! Lol. My grandson asks me to buy him the “coolest” back pack for school, and I’ll drop healthy snacks at their apartment for fun. Also, I love fall, with it’s lovely colors, and cooler temperatures. We always have an Indian summer, hot, but not […]

 What are you afraid of……..

Hi everyone, one thing I am afraid of is heights, never realised this till I was 13 and went on the big wheel at the fairground, the chair stopped at the top of the wheel and the girls I was with began to rock it, terrified isn’t the word……….deep still water, streams no problem……….when on […]

 We were the lucky ones…….

A few reminders from our childhood…….thought it was worth sharing…….. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THOSE OF US BORN IN 1930’s, 1940’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and Early 80’s !!! First, you survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they carried us. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna from a tin, and didn’t […]

 Re Soldier assistance

Anne,s blog reminded me of an experience I had some yrs ago….It was 1983,I was in Somerset,England..I,d locked the keys inside my rental car. I said to my girlfriend at the time “What we need is a friendly neighborhood car thief to help us out” Just then,around the corner screeched this young guy,stopped and asked […]

 High School Crush

I saw something on a tv sitcom today that reminded me of a personal experience. When I was a 15 year old high school sophomore, I had a big crush on a boy (same age) who was in Choir with me. Actually, I had liked him since we were both in 8th grade. He was […]

 The Mama Bear in Me

A recent blog by Waylander and its comments triggered a memory I want to share. Several years ago, my daughter and I were out together and we stopped to get gas. She got out to pump the gas while waited in the car. I saw a man pull up in a car, straight across from […]

 childhood memories

my earliest memories are of never having pocket money, having hand me down clothes where sometimes the trousers seams split in the most awkward of places lol and hiding in the school toilets at dinner times to make the other kids think we were either gone home for dinner or was at school dinners cos […]