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I finish work on Fridays early. No I’m not winding down for retirement. We all work extra hours the other 4 days and so leave early on Fridays. I was fed up with sitting at a computer most of the week, so I decided to take the terrorist and the mad pup for a walk. […]


Many times, in dreams, I go back to a time long ago. Memories of childhood. Running through the decrepit estate with the other kids. Walking the sewer pipe where it ran 20 feet off the ground. And the woods (we called it a forest, but we were only 7 then) and getting lost in the […]

 Truer words were never spoken

I heard a statement today that I would like to share with you all. To my mind truer words have never been spoken:- “Soldiers in combat do not fight for country, family, flag or any notion of right or wrong. They fight for the mate to the left of them and for the mate to […]

 Four Horses

Native American rides into an old town on the edge of the desert. He’s riding a tall horse and leading a little paint pony on which is sat the most beautiful woman you could ever wish to see. The bartender comes out of the saloon and asks if the woman is his wife. The native […]

 The Terrorist and the dog clipper

The terrorist was mucky, long haired and, quite frankly a tangled mess. No, this is not neglect. She refuses to be brushed, always has. She’ll even have a snap at me when it’s tried, so it’s down to the dog groomer with the mucky little devil. An hour and a half later, back I go […]

 The Terrorist and the Mad Pup

My son has acquired a puppy. It’s a chiwawa/jack Russell cross. Small, black and white, energetic and entirely insane. This afternoon we decided to try to socialise the little monster by taking her for a walk with my terrorist. All went reasonably well while they were both on the leads, except that the pup would […]

 The Hardest Thing To Do

The hardest thing to do is to walk away. Sometimes you need to. Have to on an emotional level. That’s easier. The hard walk away is when someone needs you. When they count on you. When they expect you to stay if they need you. There are times when we have all had to walk […]


There have been several instances recently of members leaving and returning a few days or weeks later, some after quite troubled messages posted on here. I am not aware of their circumstances, nor the reasons for their leaving and |I have no wish to get involved in any arguments regarding rights and wrongs or decisions […]

 A Spitfire overhead

I have just heard a wonderful noise. Drifting through my open window was the sound of a Merlin. This engine powered so many British WWII aircraft, The Hurricane, The Lancaster, The Mosquito, and of course the Spitfire. I shot outside and there she was. Elliptical wings glinting in the evening sun as she powered across […]