The Mad Pup is starting to treat The Terrorist with a little more respect these days. OK it took The Terrorist biting her ear to do it, but certainly more respect.

I suspect a tad more respect is now on the way.

The Mad Pup has a Frisbee. My son throws it and she takes off and brings it back. You'd think this might wear the little sod out after a time, but not so. Unlimited energy it seems.

This morning The Mad Pup was running round with her frisbee in her mouth. Here, there, everywhere.

Finally she pulls up in front of The Terrorist, shoves the frisbee at her and growls. An obvious challenge.

The Terrorist looked. Growled, then grabbed the other side of the frisbee.

Challenge accepted.

A pulling contest then ensued and, as i have wood flooring neither could get a proper grip, so honours about even.

Then The Terrorist worked out the principal of centrifugal force. Twisting her head, she began to turn The Mad Pup round her. Faster. Just a little at a time until they were moving in a circle, both growling, both pulling.

Then suddenly The Terrorist changed the motion. Her head moved up, then down, lifting The Mad Pup's feet off the ground, then a spin, a flick of the head and she let go of the frisbee.

Result? The Mad pup, now airborne, goes flying across the room, lands on her side on the slippery floor and slides head first into the wall.

The mad Pup = 0/ The Terrorist = 1


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  1. Debbie4958

    I think The Terrorist was trying to teach the pup a lesson….Very very funny. As they say you can’t teach an old dogs new tricks because they know them all…lol…well thats what The Terrorist wants the new pup to think.,….. lol

  2. roseinbloom

    Geez, LOL. Dogs are worse than men trying to maintain status. I guess the terrorist is walking with his chest stuck out, or the doggie equivalent which may be the tail held high.

  3. shadow

    LOL Way. Just one thing springs to mind..little dogs grow up! I wonder if the terrorist has forseen this?! :D. Oh well there is always another wee pup some where in the park he can still show who’s boss! :D. Love the terrorist stories. 🙂