I have deleted my picture as I have just found myself grafted onto some strange body in one of the groups.

I am not a member of that group, I did not realise that this could be done and be advised I am NOT happy about it

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  1. Faye

    Im thinking someone has slipped up Way. Normally those in there would ask first if it is okay….maybe they felt you would accept it as the fun it is intended to be. Im sure no-one meant to offend you…:-)

  2. lani36

    Way, thats upsetting if you did not give your permission, i have always been asked if I wanted to participate , or A request has gone out asking if anyone would like to participate, must be a slip up somewhere, I,m sure it was done in jest…..

  3. Lou67

    I am sure they meant no animosity.. Sometimes when you think you are being funny.. you’re not.. If you hurt that is worse.. I am sure someone will apologize for their lack of approval.. I would hope so..Lou

  4. brummieliz

    I dont think it matters if it was done in jest or accidently, if it has hurt a member, that’s what matters .

    1. georgia

      Way, you are right! This happened to me about a year ago during a time I was not very active on the site. (I got the notice in my email that my photo had been used in this group I had never heard of!) I was equally outraged/hacked off as you say.

      I immediately contacted one of the group admins, who promised that a “new” policy would now be implemented. Said policy was to never use a photo without first asking permission. Thought you would want to know!

    2. georgia

      Way, why not just “hack off” part of your pic? That way, they can never use it again, but at least we could see the ‘whites of your eyes’ (if they are, lol).
      We miss your face! Think you could do a fine “hack” job … make us all happy to see you. xx

  5. vonMichael

    You see Way that happens to pic which aren’t resized to 400/350/300px.
    Things like this are perfectly made to damage someones reputation.
    Be careful for the future. Michael

  6. shadow

    I hear you Way but please dont too hacked off to leave will you? I love your wit and post. Maybe it was done for fun but you should have been asked first jmo! 🙁

  7. waylander Post author

    VonMichael:- I am being educated in computer science all the time. This I take as one more lesson that I should have already learned, but obviously have not.

    Shadow:- Leave? And miss your fascinating blogs? Never, lol

    1. shadow

      That’s a great relief Way 😀 What fascinating Blogs? Oh those! lol. I must get my thinking cap on again and do more research before they are solved! What would i blog ? Modern stuff isn’t my forte…i live in the past! 😀

  8. assistente

    PAH …. I thought all that nonsense had stopped after that SPAT I had … oh so long ago …. It’s not only an invasion of privacy …. but also bloody RUDE to take a photo without permission …. NO MATTER WHAT the intentions ….. and I shall never be moved from this position ….. it’s just basic MANNERS and if this makes me Old Fashioned ….. I prefer to be called that than Mannerless!

    1. georgia

      Just wondering L … why would they not use that lovely face of yours?
      But I AGREE, and said so above. Now I know I am not the first to have had this happen to — long ago.
      xxx geo

  9. PollyPie

    Ive just read this, and I am extremely sorry. I didn’t for one moment think it would upset you. You are such a fun guy and I admire you very much. Please accept my apology.

      1. cfort22

        Polly, I just noticed your reply here, and wanted to say that I wasn’t the least bit upset, with my picture being used, nor would I have any problem in the future. I’m always glad to be included!

  10. waylander Post author

    It didn’t upset me. It annoyed me that someone would have the (as Linda put it) lack of manners to pull a stunt like that without permission.

    I posted the blog, not for any apology, but to be a warning to others to be careful.

    The point I was trying to make was that if this can happen on a usually safe and polite site like this, imagine what might happen in the dangerous world of the interweb.

  11. PollyPie

    Yes you are so right.
    Some chatters put up their picture and some don’t for the those reasons.
    I have also noticed that other chatters have actually condemned the people that do NOT put up a picture, with the accusation they have something to hide.
    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.
    Regarding the St Paddy’s day pic, I thought I had seen you in other celebrations in that group.
    A lesson learned for me too. Never presume.

  12. waylander Post author

    That seems to be altogether possible Polly. This was just the first one I became aware of as I rarely check the “Wall” function which seems to show when you have been mentioned in a post anywhere on the site.

    Be assured I will, henceforth, be checking it on a regular basis

  13. Blush

    Bravo to you Polly……!!!! I think it took courage to stand up and apologize for the mistake, after some of the condensing remarks that were made. I enjoy the Celebration Camera and you can use my profile anytime. Maybe you could make a sign up list of member that DO NOT want their picture used, so you won’t have to guess. Just a thought, Hugs to you my friend!!!!! <3

  14. waylander Post author

    If a list is to be compiled it should be of those willing to participate. It should not be a matter of assumed permission unless you have opted out.

  15. Postman73

    May i be the first to grant permission Pollie to use my ‘St.Paddy’s Day’ pic, it’s the best i’ve looked in bloody years !!!, hahahaaaa

  16. millie

    I’m just now getting to this b/c I’ve been off for a while, but just want to make a comment here. Talk about “mannerless”. Unbelievable that you would make this such an issue and try to embarrass someone who was only trying to have fun and include you in it. She had such audacity! I can’t believe you’ve made this into such a matter of contention. You know that it could have easily been handled by privately messaging the person and telling her that you’d rather not be in any pics – NOT a big deal and obviously an honest mistake that she made. She would have gladly and quickly deleted the pic. And I have news for you – if you have your pic anywhere at all online it’s out there for public consumption – get over yourself. Funny how those who scream for “liberty, rights, choice (and manners)”, and the like, are all too willing to step on others’ rights, etc.. whenever they feel like it. I call that hypocrisy.

  17. Linda

    I regret that the person who did the photo did not realize that you had not given permission. It has been a long time since this has happened because we try to avoid any disrespect to members. She must have cared enough about you to want you included.
    With that said, I would respect your comments more if I had not seen the nasty comments you have made in the past. Try to follow your own advice. Your face will never be seen in smiles again. It is for fun loving people with a sense of humor.
    Have a nice day.

  18. chalkoutline

    It’s really quite simple. Pollypie created the pic with nothing but the best of intentions to try and include you in the fun. Accidents happen and there’s no need to publicly blog and hurt her in the process. Ask privately first and I’m sure she would have been accommodating by removing the pic and the matter would have been settled. That’s the difference between this site and the rest of the interweb.

    First you said you were somewhat hacked off, but then when you found out it was Pollypie and an accident, you said it didn’t upset you.

    All I’m saying here is that if you have an issue on this site, talk to the person first and find out what the heck happened before you publicly blog about it. If that doesn’t resolve things, then go to admins of the site and/or THEN blog away to your heart’s content…

  19. Jsmile

    Way I don’t blame you for not liking your pic being used. I do take offense you would embarrass a fellow member this way. This could have been handled very simple in private. I really don’t understand why some choose to publicly call a member out in public. Is it revenge? Is it to make one feel bigger? I don’t know that’s why I ask. I have had instances where people haven’t agreed as I have them. We have ALWAYS dealt with it in private. I’m sure one of the administrators will correct me if I’m wrong but, I do believe all photos and posts become the property on the site once published. Therefore such is free for the taking unless Administrators rules otherwise. Way if I’m correct Polly apologized for the post. Polly deserves the same consideration from you for this public humiliation. I am sure she nor anyone set out to offend you. Let it be known, when you post pics and articles on this or any site they are on a (public) forum. You give “permission” when you post it.

  20. waylander Post author

    Just returned to this, belatedly and noted the comments above.

    To take them in no particular order:-
    1) Yes I know that any picture posted anywhere can and may be use by anyone. I just thought people here had more manners. Seems I was wrong.
    2) The picture was posted publicly, so I replied publicly. If you don’t like the reaction, think and damned well ASK before you post.
    3) Inclusion? Affection? Fun? Perhaps, But damned rude not to ask.
    4) And finally , as far as get over it is concerned I did immediately after my original post. No apology was requested. No removal was requested. The fact that this was done merely confirms that group ethos was breached. With regard to any list of permissions. Permission should NEVER be assumed, so yes, I stand by my assertion that any list should be affirmative and not an opt out as many will be unaware that they are required to opt out if they have not been aware of this post.

  21. flowersun

    I have to agree with you on this one,way,I’m sure the person who posted you in a leotard ,meant no harm,…but it is very rude not to ask you first,manners say a lot to me,!