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I’ve been on this site now for over 6 years. In that time I’ve seen members come and go. Some friends, others merely a name.

I will not be naming anyone, but some of our longer standing members may recognise either a friend or possibly themselves. If it’s a friend, I hope I was kind to them. If it’s you I hope I don’t offend.

One of the things that really annoys me, and I suspect others, is when someone who has been here for some time suddenly disappears. I knew such a man. He had many medical problems and when he suddenly stopped coming in I assumed, as I suspect other did, that he’d finally succumbed to his problems, but not so. About a year later, up he popped again. So if someone stops coming in, don’t assume. Just wait. They may well come back.

Most of our members are good, reasonable, decent people, but we do get the occasional diva, pervert or under ager (and by that I mean 16 year olds trying to wind us old folks up).

Enter our admins and monitors, stage left.

I’ve seen the perverts etc. dealt with by them in various ways. Some sit quietly, watching and waiting until they overstep the mark, but there is one who goes after them. Leads them on and then pounces. If you happen to be in the lobby when this lady’s operating, you’re in for a real treat. Just sit back, watch and have a damned good laugh because she’s very good at what she does.

In short, I’ve had a lot of fun on here, made some good friends and lost a few. At our age that’s always a possibility, but I’ve not regretted knowing any of them.

So if you’re new and in your 14 day trial period, wondering if you should pay to chat when there are so many free sites out there, I’d say yes. Do it because I’ve been on some of those sites over the years, but I always come back here. This was my first attempt at joining a chat site and I found SC purely by accident. I joined. I stayed. I have never regretted that decision.

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  1. Debbie4958

    I totally agree Way. This is a great site and very very friendly. I love the way I can come in here any time of day and find a friendly person to chat with…even those I don’t know really well. Others I would say I am really starting to form a strong friendship with…all over the world. Join up, grab a cuppa and sit a will be amazed at the different groups you can join just as much as I was. Thank you SC for a great site but even more thank you all the wonderful people here in SC too.

    1. lani36

      I too agree Way…. some of the chatters i have met i have made friends with outside chat and even though we live in different countries we keep in touch,,we share our family celebrations, Christmas and such and it,s so nice to find out about where they live and the differences, be they slight, in our countries…
      Sometimes we have our feathers ruffled,but it soon gets settled and we go forward…
      I do love this site and the chatters i speak with on a daily basis and i,m sure if i did not have chatters in my life now i would feel a very empty void…
      after nearly three years I have no intention of leaving chatters, and would reccomend it to all who are home alone,isolated through ill health, or those … that just want a daily natter,,it,s just the best…..xxxxx

  2. KayBee

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You’ve covered several aspects of the site. It’s good to hear from someone who has been here a long time.

  3. starlette

    And I love the way I can pop in and out of chat….and never fail to be overwhelmed by the welcome I receive from you Way….ermm……..luvs you..xx

  4. passaggio

    Enjoyed your blog, Way. Yes, I would have to agree with you about when people leave, and we do not know if they have left this earth or not. It can be frustrating to say the least. We can only hope they find their way back to chatters somehow….
    BTW, Are you getting a “kick back” from Rob for promoting joining chatters? hahahaha 😉 😉

  5. waylander Post author

    No Pass, just a few thoughts about the site from my experiences over the years. And a few about other sites I have visited on occasions.

  6. nmod

    Timely blog Way ! I was just thinking about the site these last days and wondering whether it was me …or the site that has changed ! I can see from the replies that it is probably me !
    Somehow I don’t feel the same sense of belonging as I did before . A few of the people who left the site for one reason or another were dear to me and I feel the void … As many of you know I don’t go into the chat rooms … It’s never been an attraction to me . Therefore I guess it’s harder to get to know people and make new friends .
    I use blogs and private chat mostly as a way of communicating and connecting with others on here , but the latest changes to the blogs section seems to have put people off writing blogs .
    Also the continuous membership turn over makes it hard to forge long lasting friendships I’ve found .
    I don’t want to come across as negative or hard to please , not at all …I’m just trying to work out how to re-connect with the site and feel at home again .
    In all reality I must admit that although I log in every day , sometimes a few times a day …the house seems empty and I feel a bit lost .

    1. flowersun

      You have an opinion,nmod,surely you are aloud to voice it!!!,you don’t come over to me negative,..I like honesty!!!..and that is what you have shared.

      1. Maize

        Way, I agree. Many of the Chatters have become my real friends….I care about them, share news and laughs and confidences. I’m not a chat room user,
        I prefer private chat and communicating in groups…..but I know that If I’m upset or low, or feeling happy,there’s always someone to share it all with.I might not have the time to spend as much as I should online,I wish days were much longer so I could poke more things in……but yes, Way, S.C is a special community, with warm, wise funny and caring people.And when people disappear, I worry about them.
        I’m in Rhodes now with multi colored toes after a silly accident. I shall return to my
        Greek salad, wine and my recliner in the sun and look forward to rejoining you all soon.
        God bless all….Tons of love
        Maisie xxx

        1. lani36

          Oh Maize how did you hurt your toesey,s , lol… greek salad, where,s mine ha ha ….making me envious sitting in the sun enjoying a drink or two , well done , wish i was there… winters setting in here…

          Yes site the moniters ,the admins and Rob , aso the members make this site unique , i do enjoy it , however i too miss some of the members who have left skippy in particular who mentored me from .day 1,. such a lovely person, and quite a few others as well. but people move on and we have to respect their wishes …i enjoy their company when they do bob in and out…. I have made quite a few friends here and i would miss them dearly if they were not here anymore .. some of the newbies are a delight as well…said some becasue i havn,t met all ,anyway won,t rattle on ,except to say , have agreat time inRhodes, and enjoy the sun .xxx.

    2. Jsmile

      Norma I agree with you on this one. It’s not just you. The site is still a great one. Well monitored and updated. Rob does a fantastic job and the ones who work behind the scenes as well. I have been here nearly 4 years. What I have seen change is the intolerance of different views of others. By that I mean it seems if everyone agrees with one mindset all is good. Introduce new views and opinions and its a bit different as most know I have been guilty of. I’m not apologizing just observing a fact. I get the vibe that there are many who don’t like change or differing of popular opinion. I for one don’t come on that often anymore for that reason and have had this same conversation with others. The fun interactions and cutting up some of us use to do has gone as well. Some who I didn’t even know have told me to keep opinions to myself and thats ok. It is what it is. I noticed some very good people who contributed much have either left or just don’t come on anymore at the bullying or harassment of others hand. I remember one member in particular who has been here years before me. She posted blogs daily and was involved in chat. She was and in my opinion still a great person. Because she contributed so much some came out publicly and attacked her accusing her of taking over the site and not letting them have their turn. As to say don’t hog the site. The person who said that is still here and the same one who has made it clear to me what I should or shouldn’t say or do. No it wasn’t Rob or any appointed monitors. They “self appointed” or empowered themselves. Yes this happened and some know whom I speak of. Since that time she rarely if ever comes on anymore. Whoever pays their membership and follows the rules set forth by the administration only, has equal rights to contribute as often as they wish just as some do now. Variety is fun and in most cases educational. So for those who may think it’s them, no it’s the changing of the site. Just my 2-cents again “J”

      1. anglo190

        jsmile I just read your post and I agree with you one hundred percent. What is the point of senior chatters if you can’t voice an opinion without being put down or ridiculed. I have noticed two chatters in particular who are “right fighters”. Their opinion is always the right one and woe betide anyone who disagrees. jsmile we live in a free country that guarantees us freedom of speech.

    3. lani36

      N mod, I must talk to you, more ofteni don,t get much of a chance to talk there ,as I am always in groups or chat when i,m on site… don,t be isolated hun, one,s house can feel so empty when one lives alone and i would hate you to feel alone.. you are not you know , wonder how your back is going i often think of you , i must make more of an effort to speak with you more often … have a lovely day (((hugs)))…xx

  7. vonMichael

    Yes Way you are right. I fully agree on that point the maker of SC are doing a great job day by day.
    I’m a bit skeptic as it concerns friendship.

  8. CSweet51

    I love this site!!! The people in here are warm and inviting! I have a list of passwords and sites (FB etc) that my son will get upon my demise…at the top is Senior chatters. He will let you know when I am gone. I would suggest if possible that you all do the same? I miss those who disappear. Now that I have been here awhile I do notice when someone isn’t on for awhile.

    1. georgia

      Sweet, excellent point to bring up. I have done the same, made sure another will let you all know if I am dead (sorry, can’t think of how to pretty that statement up, lol).
      Also, I agree that most of us notice when someone who is here regularly, is gone for a time, as Way mentioned too in this great Blog.
      I am behind on my reading, as I was MIA for nearly a month. This brings up a question, for which I hope to get suggestions.
      Do we post a personal update when we have problems that we know will prevent us from being here for a time? I did think of doing that, but somehow it didn’t feel quite right. I think there may be many, who like me, would hesitate to do so. Would it look like I was seeking attention? I certainly would not want to come across like that. And without going into detail, a post that I would be gone for a time would seem easily misinterpreted, as in “Yeah, so what, why do you think you are so important that everyone needs to know this?”

      I will reiterate what many have already said here. I love this place, the friends I have made. Like what J said, a blog like this can often lead us in new directions, new discussions. How great is that?

      Thanks Way. And again Sweet, thanks for bringing this up. Thank you all for being here, for making this feel like home. I hope for and will look forward to all thoughts and comments.

      1. starlette

        Georgia, i would think that would be up to the individual……….some might like to divulge the reason other’s not………….there would be very few on this site who would think..”.So what..”……i see it as good manners to say bye if possible,then other chatters are not left wondering. xx

        1. georgia

          Thanks so much Star, this is exactly what I was looking for. I think the “good manners” point you make kinda says it all. xx

      2. ismee

        Georgia, my feelings about these sites is that if you feel you will be away for whatever reason for some time let people know, you may not be aware of all the folks who like you or find you interesting, look on the positive side and let everyone know, those who dont care, well they dont have to read it, but let the nice folk know… and if the problem that is preventing you from being here is an illness one, please allow some of the people the chance to wish you well and give you some support. Living alone or being alone can be a nightmare for some people. but i have seen support being given in chat sites, or blog land, or forums and know its a real help to some. xx if you dont tell folk they dont know and worry xx

  9. helensophie

    A wonderful blog Way, very well written, so Way, love your blogs. Being an oldie myself little over 4 years now, you were one of the first people I met. I too happened onto SC by accident, it was the very first chat site I tried. I loved it. Tried a few over the years, not because I was disappointed in SC, I wasnt, only because a few of my friends urged me to do so. They were all short-lived. There was never a sense of community and family as there has always been on SC to me. Yes, it ebbs and flows, and changes…but it always comes back…not exactly; but who would want it to stay the exact same way forever. That would mean that no matter what new people and faces joined, there would be no difference. Rather boring me thinks! I have always been impressed with the majority of people who seem to celebrate and find the humor in our differences; and I have never seen human support as I have on SC. At the end of my 2nd month, I was asked and attended a chatroom funeral service. Needless to say, I couldnt see the screen after a while. And then there were the parties of joyful glee. And the night, everybody was thrown overboard off the oceanliner…hmmmmmm…strange things began happening in the lifeboats. When you cry such joyful tears that you stomach muscles and jaws hurt – then you know you have found the right site and its a keeper!

  10. Pete

    I think I might one of those who joined and then faded away for a few months. I pop in occasionally mainly to read the blogs. I took out Lifetime Premium Membership in November 2013. Imagine my surprise when I got an email from Lord of the Manor Rob saying my 14 day free membership had expired and I now had limited access as a free member. Needless to say I replied quickly to this email, and am now waiting for my full Lifetime Premium Membership to be reinstated. I hope no one else receives this treatment.

    1. Rob

      Pete, apologies – I have reinstated your Lifetime Premium Membership. I’ll email you shortly with what happened here. Once again, I’m sorry for the inconvenience this would have caused – Rob.

      1. georgia

        Rob, I would add that it saddens me, having known you as I do, that an unintentional email caused immediate suspicion. I hope that when that happens, and those glitches do occur here, as well as with any Site, folks will first think “there was a mistake made”, and simply let you know.

        I’m not meaning to judge or criticize anyone, only to voice my thoughts. Your integrity is without question, your commitment to this wonderful Site, without comparison.

        Thanks for the great job you do, and I hope anyone reading this who encounters problems will be assured in some way, that they can trust in you, as all of us who have been here for a long time already do. 🙂

    1. PollyPie

      @nmod Just because you dont go into Chat, I think you have more friends here than you think. I for one follow you and admire what you have to say, and your honest opinions. 😀
      @waylander I too think about other chatters and where they have gone or what they are going through. I wish I had more time to spend in the chat room.
      @tania I have wondered about you too. Nice to see you back 😀
      @maize You have a busted foot and youre STILL guzzling the κρασί !!!!!! YAY 😀

      1. nmod

        Thank you PollyPie ,so nice to hear that !
        Sometimes I can’t help feeling this way about this wonderful world of cyber land ,so immensely fascinating and yet, at times …so deeply frustrating !
        Sometimes when I’m chatting on here ,I feel the silence deafening ! And I wish I could hear my friends voice and their laughter …that I could smell the coffee and taste the cakes too ! lol

  11. morvenna

    Oh……been off line for a few days… probs and general busyness……yes Way……same here… the site……many great characters in here…….I never ever regret joining ……we have to accept people as they are warts and all……unless of course they are offensive……its the same in the world in general……..I love the chats we have Way always a giggle…….thanks xxxxxxx M

  12. skippy

    Well Way, here is an oldie back lol. Had to deal with my Murphys Law time and back with a different attitude, Hi friend, so good to see you xxx