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 Being Healthy Feels Better

Most of us on this site are old, older, and oldest so what does old feel like and what does just unhealthy habits feel like?¬† Most people don’t know the difference and most people just think anything that feels bad or hurts after 50 is just what getting old feels like. There is no doubt […]

 Resolution: Happy in 2018

I finally made a resolution to be happy in the coming year. That is what it is all about. I don’t know how many years I have left but in the coming year I will think more about being happy. What makes me happy and what make you happy is something we need to think […]

 What did we accomplish in 2017

Did I make the world a better place in 2017? I did little to feed the hungry, care for the sick or comfort the distressed. I do support those programs through the government and am happy to pay my taxes for those programs and I do vote for leaders who promise to support programs that […]

 Breakups And What We Learned

Who has not been “ITCHING LIKE A MAN IN A FUZZY TREE “, then at HEARTBREAK HOTEL”? Sounds funny, but they are not funny at all. The mating game may be as basic as “the birds and bees’ but we humans think we are supposed to be very rational anyway, or too many of us […]

 Best Birthday Wish

I just heard of a rather original and kind birthday wish and it started me thinking. What was the best birthday wish that you received or that you would want to receive. Winning the Lottery may be the top of the list, but not very likely, but that is okay. I would be happy to […]

 Feeling Foolish

Most of us like to think we have reached the age of a reasonable amount of wisdom and good sense at this time of life. So, the most horrible feeling I have felt in a very long time was Feeling very, very foolish. It does not matter if I needed to feel foolish or if […]

 Traveling at OUR AGE

I would like to hear about everybody’s travels. Travels can be to the other side of town or across the world, but I guarantee you, you ¬†will learn something and feel something before you get back, and you also may feel challenged at times and a little scared. You will also feel excited, happy, amazed […]