Favorite Recipes  and Clogged Arteries and Diabetes

Favorite recipes for the season and clogged arteries and diabetes, takes a lot of the fun away or does it? I don’t want to give up my very special  pumpkin, pecan and apple pie. What would thanksgiving be without them and spiked eggnog and deviled eggs,  I wish I had never heard the word cholesterol. Can I fast the week before and be safe for the feast?  Then there is the sugar to upset the pancreas something terrible, I am told. Did I put clothes in a bigger size on my Christmas List? 

My very nutty fruitcake can’t be too bad and everybody loves it. Date nut bread is almost bread, but those Christmas cookies named sugar and butter just has to make me cringe. But, there are delectable ones full of nuts and fruit or other good things that can’t be blamed too much. Is Christmas still some fun for you? I am about to say, “I will worry about it next year”.  After all Lent is for sacrificing  and eating root veges and fish, and maybe spring greens, so, I think I have a plan. Lent need to start after new years for me, I cannot wait till Fat Tuesday; I will forget what root vegetables and greens are. How do you enjoy the Season?

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  1. I think if you manage your diet throughout the year you can indulge in a few of your favorites for one day but I’m not a doctor and best to get advise for your particular situation from a professional. I love all those “goodies” you mentioned but not the fruit cake. I don’t suffer from high cholesterol or diabetes but I have found that as I’ve unfortunately aged, all those rich treats with butter and sugar really don’t agree with my tummy so I just have little tastes and don’t over indulge. Heck it’s the holidays have a little of your favorites and enjoy. You only live once.

  2. Hi Rose…..sometimes our eyes are bigger than our belly’s……..we can only eat so much without feeling nauseas…….I think after one day on the rich food we crave something plain and simple, so eat what you fancy on Christmas day…

    1. Yes, I find that rich food does not have the appeal as it used to have. So, I will just eat some and wait until next year. It might be like going off the wagon and I can’t get back on. I thank you for your comment.

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