Rethinking Time

I am rethinking time, or did I really ever think of time properly before, or did you?  I am well into my senior years and just resolved to consider time much more seriously. Fortunately, I am not regretting my misspent youth nor am I thinking of things that I never did. I am okay with my past life, but I am concerned with how I spend my time now and in the future.

First, I decided to change the way I use my time and amazingly, changed my life in a major way. I know a quote, "Change the way you manage your time, and change your life". Change your time and change your life, that simple.  I am not sure that the change in my life was a good decision. I do know that I needed a change. I don't have a bucket list. When I wanted to do something; I managed to do it or try it and fail. Everything we try, does not work. That's life. Life is a grand experiment so we live, learn, and grow.

Second, Change the way you think of time, and amazingly, you will change the way you think of the people in your life and in your circle. Some people just became a waste of time. These were people who had little credibility, or/and were just unkind people. Naturally, the next obvious plan for me was to put myself in places and situations with people of a different sort, honest and kind people. Sounds like a no-brainer, but if you really think about it, how many people spend most of their time with people that lack character or are boring I am not snobbish and I don't fill my head with being better than these people; I just don't see a value in spending time with them. I do value people, all people; but I also value my time and I just don't have time to spend in that way. I need to spend my time with people that I add insight and are kind to me.

Third and last, by valuing time, I need to DO MORE that is productive. I know, you and I are already  feeling old and tired, but people our age and much older and are doing amazing things, so it may be our attitude that is limiting us more than our age. We need to compile a list of people over 60 or 70 who are doing amazing work. I see older people working in restaurants and fast food and limping also.  I am amazed, so they are amazing. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 85, has cancer and just had surgery and she is back at work as a United States Supreme Court Justice. We have a President who is over 70 and two who are running or plan to run who are over 75. Why, and what keeps these people going? Answer that and you may decide that you can do and want to do a whole lot more. I know, some of us may risk looking  foolish or we may fail, but should that stop you?

Are you ready to rethink your use of time? I know a lot of us are thinking we just want to relax and enjoy life and that is your choice, but are you sure that you won't have regrets later and are you feeling that rested and joyful?  A rethink wouldn't hurt; would it? Rethinking on a regular basis is what we need to do with our lives.  Changing the way you spend your time will change your life. I just read an article on Brain Health and it was concluded that having new experiences is the best thing for brain health and I believe it. The article said that we need to be with other people, so passive and solitary pastimes may not be what is healthy for us. We do many things by default and not by really thinking at all. Thinking would be a good idea and just let your mind wander all over the place with possibilities. The article on Brain health also says that is very healthy. Thinking requires a really open mind and information and a conclusion. If you rethink, it is unlikely that you will come up with exactly the same way to spend your time. Remember if you change your use of time, you will change your life. 

What can you or I do at this point in our life; that is a question that deserves some time and attention. We don't throw money out the window, but we do let you our time slip away.  I just spent time writing a blog and if it changes one life a bit for the better, then it is time well spent. Using our time well may mean to make the life of others better.

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  1. davidrv

    Hi roseinbloom. Thank you for taking time to write your blog.
    I wonder sometimes if my job helps me to manage my time. I think of all that I could do if I was retired, then I think of all that my wife could come up for me to do. And then I gladly go to work. It’s my safe zone.
    I’ve been working for the same employer for over 40 years. I have talked with many co-workers that have retired. They all seem to have no time. In fact some said they didn’t know how they managed to do more when they were working. Others said that because they were retired, people thought they were free to do small chores here and there at any time.
    When I was younger I would be frustrated most of the time, young family, responsibilities at home and at work. I really didn’t have much time for myself, everyone was more important than myself; that’s the way I was thinking and it was ok with me. Then I had mid life crisis, and I think it’s because I had too much time on my hands, with the family not being together as much and not needing me as much, so I thought. I remember being a zombie of some sort. I could react normally socially and at work, but inside I was empty, as though floating on a piece of ice in the ocean, with nothing in the horizon. After divorce and remarriage, what really grounded me was the birth of my first grandchild.
    Today I have 5 grandchildren from 7 to 16 (this month). And the only time I feel like a zombie is when I finish my third night shift in a row, like yesterday. I also make sure my mom is safe at her home; she is 83. I have 2 brothers and a sister and we visit her often. I like to see my 2 daughters being independent. I also like to see my mother independent, or at least able to live by herself and not in a home.
    Personally I’ve been thinking that work regulates my life, forces me to plan around it. I can get so involved in something that I lose track of time, and even forget to eat. So I end up filling the time between my work shifts. And most of the time I like to take time to do the things I like to do, which includes doing nothing.

    1. roseinbloom Post author

      davidr, thanks for sharing how you honestly spend and value your time. You are working at a job that is comfortable for you and your life seems to be filled and satisfying. There was a time when it wasn’t and you made changes. You mention that if you quit work, your wife would take over your time and that other people have a problem with other people expecting them to do things. I would like to make a point here; each person owns his own time, just like he owns his own money and possessions. Each person has to decide what he chooses to keep for himself and what he chooses to give to another. Generosity and unselfishness lead to a happy live but robbing another of time and money is not good for anyone. Before you do retire, or as time goes on, it would be a good idea for you and your family to rethink how life will be. You mention work and family but no leisure activities. Many people need more than work and family.

  2. starlette

    Hi Rose, food for thought in your blog……I have time, and I could tell myself I should be out and about meeting new people, getting involved in new activities, start new projects but I dont…….I go out every afternoon somewhere or other with my manfriend and am quite content to do so…..sometimes we get chatting to people other times not……it does concern me a little that should I ever be left on my own my life would change greatly……but then I think thats the time that I will have to get back out there and seek company….but for now I am quite happy and content with the life I have, I dont feel the need to gather more people into my life at this stage, I will drift along as I do now until time dictates other wise……..I dont feel the need to put myself under pressure to learn more…….I worked all my life and was ruled by time and the clock…….good on the people who still choose to work, I keep my brain active so dont feel that will deteriorate any time soon…… fact I would go as far as to say its as sharp now as its ever been…….why fix things that are not broken….change may come eventually as it surely will, nothing stays the same for ever…..then I have to go with the flow and change my life around again to suit…..

  3. roseinbloom Post author

    Starlette, you sound content and maybe your time is spent exactly as you like it. It is not for me to say. I am saying that time is precious and we can spend it or let it slip away. Just as we have to adjust our spending of money and set priorities, we need to do it with time. I won’t say I am good at either and I am one to think that improvement is a way of life or sloth and carelessness takes over, or maybe that is just me and other people have their life and time all well spent. I am thinking of a “bucket list” mentality”. Starlette, as I said, I cannot possibly tell anyone else how to spend their time. I just want to tell them to rethink it, really think about it in the first place.

  4. jonners

    I have been recently. I am more aware of the amount of time I waste looking at my phone these days, I keep thinking, must read more books, not play mindless games. Sometimes helping time pass quicker seems like a good idea, but then I feel that I should have been doing something more constructive. I have decided, happiness is really key. Live for the moment. If you are happy, then you probably won’t even notice the clock ticking away. Reminded of Pink Floyd now….

    Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day
    Fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way.
    Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town
    Waiting for someone or something to show you the way.

    And the line, “No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun” always gets me.

  5. drummer

    Hi Roseinbloom – As usual you are to be thanked for wise words – particularly with reference to Time. Most of us might start the day wondering how best to pass the time – For me personally, my day starts with an hour on Keyboards(Very poor playing but I do enjoy it – so, I am told does my wife(Fortunately!)
    Afternoon a recording – often of Brass bands as I recline on my bed. After dinner some Television followed by Chatters updates and then to be – again with music preceded by a talking book – so yes, I find time is important and look forward to the next day – unless there has been yet another disaster somewhere in the world!