If You are Thankful, You Will Share

If You are THANKFUL, You Will SHARE.  I just read this in a Brainy Quote and I believe it, DO YOU? Tomorrow is THANKSGIVING DAY in the United States and giving thanks is or should be on People’s minds. People are rushing out to shop the same day and the next day, and maybe this is not a bad thing. Maybe, they are feeling thankful and want to give to others. BEING THANKFUL and SHARING may be the same thing.

What CAUSES a GENEROUS nature and who has one? Have we really thought about this enough? Most people consider me a generous person, but I am not real high on my idea of generosity. Most of us could do better. Maybe, I am not thankful enough either. I do believe that being grateful for what we have is a key to our own happiness and maybe sharing with others is also a key to our own happiness. 

Sometimes, when we are poor in things, we are rich in people.  I grew up poor and in the country and we had family, friends, and neighbors instead of paid services. I don’t think this way of living ever left me. I always felt more interested in people than money. Naturally, not becoming a burden to others is to be considered. I am happy to be the kind of person who is happy to give to my family and friends without feeling burdened myself. I do not give enough to charity, I will admit so I am not a model of sharing or giving.

Being thankful is the BEST THING you can do for yourself and JUST Maybe, GIVING is also the BEST THING you can do for yourself. PLEASE, really THINK about this.

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  1. I appreciate your comment. Point well taken. My first line is a brainy quote. I am not a religious person and I don’t think of what I write as being religious. I thought I was sharing wisdom, but most people may see what you see. There is a lot of wisdom in religion, though.

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