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 Tribute to Arizonaghost

i have had some requests of how people can get messages to the family of arizonaghost so if you want to post something on here to pay tribute you will be forwarded to his family to share with them. If you want an address to send a condolence card, please private message me and […]


I wrote this one day when I was feeling invisible…. I could relate to each situation, and just wanted to share a part of me…. DO YOU SEE ME………. As I walk I sense peace, I see many things I want to share. I look at a cloud, do you see it? The white fringes […]

 My heros……

A true hero is one that is selfless, goes above and beyond what they are asked to do. Many times hero’s go unnoticed, they silently continue on as they face everyday challenges with the same foresight and bravery that made them hero’s in the first place. They are ordinary, everyday people that are blessed with […]

 A tribute to Creala ……..

To those members that were on the old site and remember her, I got news today of her passing. This is what her daughter wrote to me…… she went into the hospital late January with pneumonia and never made it back home. The pneumonia kept reoccurring, didn’t respond well to drugs, then progressed into an […]


I had recieved a letter from Delta airlines in my junk mail the other day, as I always check before deleting as sometimes important emails get sent there if they arent on my list of contact. I had received a notice from Delta airlines informing me of a flight I had supposedly purchased and I […]

 IRS sent my tax forms back!!!

As tempting as it is and no matter how true it is the IRS is not allowing you to claim all those you are helping . The IRS sent my tax forms back! Again! I guess it was because of my response to the question : “List all dependents” I replied: 12 million illegal immigrants […]