Life is what you make of it…………….

At times like these, when you loose a great friend, you tend to reflect on your own life.

Do I fill my bucket list now?

Do I make amends with those who have harmed me, either verbally or physically?

What do I find in my life that is the most important part,,,is it love, money, a job, family, friends?

I find myself thinking all these things today after the passing of a friend, (Arizonaghost), that always had time to listen, to care, to love.

I hope that I will be remembered the same way he is...compassionate, caring, honest.

I find those things are what I respect in most others, and hope they do of me someday when I am gone.

Let go of the anger, feel for others, but then again, dont let people abuse you.

I am doing some deep soul searching right now, sharing thoughts I rarely share other then with a few chosen people.

I realized that may be part of my problem, fear of opening up, fear of rejection, fear of failure.

I may be older, but that doesnt mean i still dont have lessons to learn in this life, perhaps that is why I am still here.

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  1. starlette

    Laura so sorry for your loss, friends with the qualities arizonaghost had are all we can ask for……..don’t know about bucket lists i don’t have one, i think you have to do what you wish to when and if you can…… and family are my all……..i was lucky, i learnt a lot time ago how fragile life is………you know those people you enjoy being in your life……keep them close………..users and abusers you don’t need around………sure you have the same fears as the rest of us do…………but do not let fear of rejection and failure stop you trying to achieve your goals………… have nothing to lose, but a lot might be gained…… is a learning curve…….. you will never stop learning and gaining knowledge……Take Care Laura…xxx

    1. laura Post author

      Thank you star, but it wasnt just my loss, it was all of ours….I do try to enjoy life, make the most of what I have, but sometimes I think there is something else I need to do, ya know?
      Thanks for your kind words xxx

  2. tania

    I do not have a bucket list Laura, but I realise how fragile a life can be. Arizona was a real gentleman. I just hope that we can all learn to be kind to each other and spend time with the people that we love…..A lovely blog Laura xx

  3. laurie

    Dear Laura, I’m very sorry for your loss, and I admire your courage in sharing such a personal experience. They say that suffering makes us stronger, and you see how you have already found a measure of strength in this loss that perhaps you didn’t know you had before. Laurie xx

    1. laura Post author

      Laurie, unfortunately I have experienced needing to have strength many times when I have just wanted to give in, but in saying that , each experience has in the end made me stronger and wiser. Thanks xx

  4. lani36

    To loose a friend Laura is a very sad thing indeed , Ghosty as I called him was always the Gentleman, we have lost a friend and chatter buddy , …MAY HE REST IN PEACE…… XXX

  5. KayBee

    Laura, I so agree with you. I have thought a lot about this in recent years. As we grieve the loss of family and friends, we can find that positive light shining through all the heartache…and it is what you have expressed here. That we are reminded that anyone can be gone at any moment, let’s reevaluate our priorities and special life relationships!
    I did not know Arizonaghost. I am so sorry that you and others here are hurting now that he has passed.

    1. laura Post author

      Thank you Kay, its rather humbling isnt it, to realize in just an instant life can change so drastically.
      He (arizonaghost) was an amazing man and human being.
      Thank you for your thoughts xx

  6. PamfromTX

    Laura, I have nothing but hugs to offer you. I did not know ‘Zona’ as the rest of you since I don’t really frequent the chat room.


  7. Blush

    Laura, Such a sharing you did with us. But, I have to say, that you also have always been such a nice, honest and caring member of SC. And I know that your friendship with David was a long and endearing. Sometimes in the past I would see just the two of you in chat. When I would see your name in chat, I always felt welcomed. Cherish the memories that you had with AZ. And if there is/was any bad word that came from you, you probably were dead on. Sending HUGS to you…….. Blush xx

    1. laura Post author

      Thank you Blush, I like all of the rest of us have good and bad days in here lol.
      I will cherish the talks I had with zona, …