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 YouTube Channels

I created my YouTube channel 5 years ago when my last granddaughter was born. I have sporadically uploaded videos throughout the years. And I have two music playlists: 70’s and 80s music. Lately I have discovered that there are persons and subjects on YouTube that interest me. They upload videos regularly and I did subscribe […]

 RTR (Rubber Tramp Rendez-vous)

As a sequel to my blog “Vandwelling”, I would like to introduce a vandweller, Static CamperVan. I just subscribed to his channel after hearing this excerpt. I do believe in what he says about happiness. Wisdom is not necessarily dependent of age as you will see. RTR is where other vandwellers meet in person, they […]


I’ve been interested in the concept for many years. I had envisioned touring Canada in an RV in the late 90’s. My hobby is genealogy and at the time I had a desktop. I figured an RV would be nice to hold all the books that I use for research, and the computer tower and […]

 Logins and Passwords

When I was in high school, the only numbers I had to remember were my padlock combination on my locker. My new computer came with a program to keep logins and passwords. It’s called Dashlane. It even fills out forms with the information I put in there. Yesterday I thought I’d make a copy of […]

 Fun times

I can remember a time when we had an hour on here every week where the object of a game was to come up with a phrase once we were given a sequence of letters, like “awlptze”. I cannot recall what the game was named. But I remember participating a few times and what I […]

 SC Question Time

“Question Time. Click above to answer today’s question.” Well it’s been 9 days and it’s still the same question. I thought that every day there would be a new question. A few weeks ago I was listening to a talk show on satellite radio, about the art of questioning; A More Beautiful Question by Warren […]

 Where did you go?

Every time I log into Seniorchatters, I wonder, where do people go? My routine usually consists of: 1- I glance at the chatroom, then scroll down to the blog area. 2- If nothing catches my eye, I go to groups. I have 2 groups and have joined 2 others. I’ll look for notifications if anything […]

 Lasting impression

I was reading all the posts on funeral arrangements and last wishes. I wonder how much of an impact do we leave behind. After all the dust settles, what will be remembered of us? And so my thoughts went to a lonely man in our local union, Edmund. He didn’t seem to mingle much with […]

 School yard, memories, life

I think that you can find all types in a school playground. It doesn’t mean that you’ll be branded for life, just that maybe you’re trying to fit in by hanging around with certain groups. Mine is short and sweet. I was an observer. From the very first day I did not understand the purpose […]

 Daylight Saving Time

“When told the reason for daylight saving time the old Indian said… ‘Only a white man would believe that you could cut a foot off the top of a blanket and sew it to the bottom of a blanket and have a longer blanket.’” I don’t know why we still go through that ritual twice […]