Ignorance and Arrogance

I was in bed this morning waiting for the alarm clock to ring. I had just been to the washroom and I couldn't go fall back to sleep. I was preparing mentally for my day at work; 12 hour shift. It is the first of the day shifts, having been on night shift for the last 2 weeks. That has been my routine since 2007; 2 weeks night shift, 2 weeks day shift, and so on.

Anyway, I was laying in bed, thinking of all those years that I have worked and all the supervisors that I have had. One thought that always came to mind is that the most recent supervisors are very arrogant. Not towards me but towards the newer employees. It is as though they are shifting the focus of their incompetence towards being arrogant just because they are supervisors. The reasoning behind my statement is that not one of those supervisors has ever been arrogant with me. 

Something else happening is that as the older workforce retires, newer supervisors get worse. I think that having older people in a workplace disrupts those newer supervisors and we are seen as a threat. Which is definitely possible.

Just a thought this morning. My own personal view on the subject. Blogs are extremely scarce lately, I hope I don't have to write down all I'm thinking about! Have a great day, today.

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  1. Rockflower

    First thought that came to my mind David, is that power corrupts.I should be interested to know how a person becomes a supervisor? have they have years of experience working on the line? i suspect not. Historically I think the institutions world wide that have the most experience of employing huge numbers of people are the armed forces. It is not absolute because where there is great power some will work to slide and cheat their way into top posts. Yet the military belief is…before you give orders, you learn to take them. Everyone starts on the basic military training. I would add that when you give an order you should totally understand what you are asking, you can only do this if you have the experience. Your arrogant supervisors fear older experienced workers because they can expose the ignorance easily.
    I really believe that it would greatly improve moral and productivity if management had a rotation on the shop floor yearly. Actually working , doing the job.
    A head of the proposed ‘robot revolution” we are told to expect, management and sales are busily dehumanizing, workers and customers both are reduced to –units–, the ‘human’ component is just a nuisance.
    Not all but some assembly line work reduces the human to a ‘machine part’. I’m told some people like this…..they can earn a wage and think about planning their gardens or make up poetry while doing it. OK Horses for courses as they say. If the robots do take over….what then? what do we do with the energy of people with nothing to occupy them. But that is getting way from your question.