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I created my YouTube channel 5 years ago when my last granddaughter was born. I have sporadically uploaded videos throughout the years. And I have two music playlists: 70's and 80s music.

Lately I have discovered that there are persons and subjects on YouTube that interest me. They upload videos regularly and I did subscribe to their channel.

One such channel has to do with health. I have found an entertaining channel with 2 physical therapists.

Another is mental health in the workplace, which was suggested by my employers.

Then my pension managers' site, helpful videos also.

A computer site, avoiderrors. Short videos to match my short span of attention.

A texas mechanic, Scotty Kilmer. He talks about fixing cars and has live Q & A's on weekends. High strung but he's entertaining.

And lately, 3 van dwellers, 2 in Canada and 1 in California. For some odd reason I'm fascinated by that way of life.

I know there's Facebook but it's personal and only meant for my immediate family, at least that's the way I see it.  My YouTube channel does not contain any personal info.

I've been on SC for close to 6 years. I wonder how many of you also have a YouTube channel.

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  1. roseinbloom

    Davidr, thank you for posting this interesting information which could benefit any or all of us. I need to use You tube more. I did not know anything about my own YouTube channel, and it sounds like something that could be fun and useful.

    1. davidrv Post author

      Thank you for your comment colinberry.
      I have listened to the last 3 videos that you posted. I’m sorry for what happened to your wife. No person should go through what you are still going through.
      I have subscribed to your channel because I feel that you are a genuine person and you need to be heard. Even though I live in Canada and it doesn’t seem that we have that problem, it doesn’t hurt to know in advance what could happen.
      I believe in your motto: ” All it takes for evil to survive is for good people to do nothing.”
      Take care.

      1. colinberry1

        Thank You Davidrv, extremely kind of you to reply, well I could not believe it myself that it could happen to me in the UK, but I was told by the psychiatrists I had to take my wife to see every month for nearly a year that I’m getting this problem because of the size of the company that caused the accident, I was also told by the psychiatrists that my wife should not be coming to see them, she is not mentally ill, there is nothing they can do for her, but the consultant in charge of Mary’s case kept on referring Mary to the centre.