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 Loneliness or Solitude

What is the difference between solitude and loneliness? If you google, you would get the following reply. ”Here’s a great quote by Hannah Arendt about the difference between solitude and loneliness: “The lonely man finds himself surrounded by others with whom he cannot establish contact or to whose hostility he is exposed.” The solitary man, […]

 ”Where’s Chetak?”

Translated from  Hindi –  posted originally at ‘’The audience respects me, they love my dance, my voice.’’ ‘’I feel satisfied, elated whenever I dance in the courtroom,’’ She said to her Drum- player. ”I wish I danced all my life and the audience kept on clapping forever.” ‘’That the festivities never came to an […]

 Are Rabbits Rodents?

No, they are not, as many of you may perhaps have thought.  Rabbits, truly speaking are members of the family called ” Leporidae.” Had this question been asked a century ago the reply would have been positive indeed. The zoologists then classified Rabbit and other lagomorphs within the order named  Rodentia ( or rodents), which […]

 Happy Balcony

There are names and names- real names, pen- names, profile names. Isn’t it ironical- we can not select neither our parents nor our own names. Some names are unique. As a writer I did pick up a pen name or Nom De Plume. If I were okay with my real name maybe I would have […]

 On This Christmas Day

On this Christmas day let those not miss the Jesus Christ who have to miss their food at times and miss the Sun-ray. Every day they pray at His altar, staring empty sacs, empty jar. On this Christmas night again they shall keep their doors open, ajar. Why not act as Santa this Christmas, why […]

 Originality in art and literature.

The Seven Basic Plots: Based on : Why We Tell Stories is a 2004 book by Christopher Booker, a Jungian-influenced analysis of stories and their psychological meaning. Booker worked on the book for 34 years Here are they: Overcoming the Monster Rags to Riches The quest Voyage and Return Comedy Tragedy Rebirth. Do have […]

 Blog? or Weblog?–what is a Blog after all ?

What is afterall a blog? It’s roughly speaking an online journal where people may like to post entries about their experiences generally in chronological order. We can also use it as a verb like “I plan to blog about my favourite game.” Original term, was first used in mid-1990s, truly was WEBLOG pruned thereafter to […]

 Creativity blooms in solitude

I do credit my good old friend Roseinbloom on this site for the present blog. It was about my just refusing to see my watch when I am writing poetry or novels or stories. For last few months, I have neither sat before TV, nor read any newspaper, nor picked up any calls- other than […]