Happy Balcony

There are names and names- real names, pen- names, profile names. Isn’t it ironical- we can not select neither our parents nor our own names.

Some names are unique. As a writer I did pick up a pen name or Nom De Plume. If I were okay with my real name maybe I would have used it as a poet/ fiction- writer.

A well- known case is of the Nobel prize- winner poet Pablo Neruda who was christened Ricardo Eliécer Neftalí Reyes Basoalto by his parents, but chose to rename himself as Pablo Neruda instead.

Yesterday, I read one innovative and rather sweet name ”Happy balcony” on our site. I smiled on reading this.

It brought into my mind the story of an old mother who stayed in a house opposite mine.

Her Police- Officer son was shot by a druggie in the prime of his age on Christmas day. She was a widow then. He was to be married about a week later on the New Year day. She stands from then on her window almost 24*7.

I’m posting a picture of a balcony I accidentally saw on net. Her balcony was very much similar.

She was a Doctorate holding Professor of Botany before she went into depression post her son’s untimely and cruel murder.

I spoke to her last Christmas on phone.

She said,”You know Abhilaaj. I once won the gold- medal for the Happiest balcony- instituted by my University mainly by virtue of the plants, I and my son, your ”besti” Vijay- grew and maintained together.”

”I am taking care to keep alive the same Balcony- view if his soul decided one day to meet me, he would easily identify it from many a mile.”

What else could I wish her except, ”Happy Balcony.”

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  1. Ms. K.

    That’s a very touching story, Abhilaaj. We should all keep our balconies fresh and lovely, and hope they touch others lives.

  2. jessamyne

    Talk about long names; How’s this one?

    Pablo Diego Jose Francisco de Paula Nepomuceno Maria de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santisima Trinididad Ruiz y Picasso

    I would have changed it to Pablo Picasso, too. The name isn’t as important as what the person contributed. And he is a true Renaissance man

    1. roseinbloom

      Abhilaaj, Your blog certainly shows that people can have many reasons for doing what they do. Names is another subject altogether except we do choose names for websites. I chose mine here very quickly and names I preferred were already in use then as soon as I got on site a person made a short name for me.
      Many Spanish surnames are mothers and/or father surnames which can come from a place or other descriptor. So,they may look different, English surnames are similar but usually do not use mother’s surname as a last name.
      We can choose our name and I dropped my middle name early in life .

      1. Abhilaaj Post author

        Many many thanks Rose- the story of a a devastated mother was something
        I basically wanted to speak about here.
        Apologies, for belated response- I saw your comment just now Rose.
        Hope you are doing well.

    1. jessamyne

      Just fine, Abhilaaj. I like the poems you post, here and on the poetry site you recommended. Keep up the great work!

      1. Abhilaaj Post author

        Many many thanks jess- your are sweet/ kind.
        I have opened my new U Tube Channel where I posted 2 poems.
        I recited them. I’m not sure if the site rules permit me to share my
        channel here?
        Best wishes and Happy Halloween day to
        you and via you to your family/ friends/ SC Members.

  3. jessamyne

    I think you can post videos, but having not posted any, not sure.

    And Happy Halloween to you and yours

  4. Abhilaaj Post author

    My first two songs are recited in Hindi- with translation. Maybe I shall post the one I do in ENGLISH. thanks many.
    If you wish I can give you the allpoetry link and you can hear my voice? Have you been a singer? Carols etc.? Are you still annoyed with me?

  5. jessamyne

    I should think posting in both Hindi and English would be delightful. I have the link; thanks. And yes, I used to sing, and still do, just not with the voice I once had