The weeds, the thorns, the trash bins.

We love flowers, we love butterflies, we love singing birds in our gardens.

But we ignore the thorns on the rose plants on the multiple colored bouginvillea vines.

Don’t they have a part to play?

Are they not hungry of your love and admiration?

Try to Pat the thorns one day and see that the roses and the bouginvilleas shall feel happier.

The weeds are used to protect your garden.

The soldiers protect your country.

Aren’t the weeds and soldiers alike in a way?

The house maid who mops and cleans is also treated like a weed.

Every article alive or dead seeks love caressing and patting, admiration and applause. If your heart had ears it could hear the emotional whispers of plants.

Fortunately the acts of love are all free.

And they are returned in gometrical way.

You give two roses you get four.

You give four you get sixteen.

Let’s also take care of the kids rummaging the trash bins.

Give them a few crumbs by hand..Fix up the curly messy hair of a boy or girl and look up.. to the skies…a Sunray or a star will smile at you and wave at you with most awesome nod.

Saying the gesture has been recorded on the Karma supercomputer !

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