Do you have more female friends than male or vice versa?

 Many of us may have.  Tell me why, if so?

Why are friends of opposite sex more sought out even by those who are not single?

A male here asked me off late, ''Are you a gay?'' When I addressed him as Dearest.

I answered him,''I use the same endearment for the God.''

And he said ''Jokingly''

''Your God may be a female''.

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  1. tomtwodogs

    No I have more male friends Abhilaaj, but there again I still drive trucks, which is predominantly done so by males, although there are a few women coming into the trade nowadays. I find women to be more complicated than men, and not many like to come fishing or canoeing either,.. so I guess its the simple life for me.

    1. LoneRogue

      I feel there is a great disparity between people as to what each feels is a friend. To enjoy some conversation and common interests could be considered a friendship by many. I think is is much more and perhaps this fine subject will develop some consensus as to what is being discussed.

      1. roseinbloom

        Lonerogue, You make a good point. Most of us have associates and not friends. We share a common interest and or activity. A true friend is one who really cares for you and will help when they are able and needed. I grew up in the country and we all tried to help each other. I had the idea that if someone needed help, you helped. In modern times if people need help they dial 911 or call a professional.
        My mother was the local midwife and the one who helped in sickness and death. My dad did the paperwork for people.
        A friend in need is a friend indeed, sums it up. The others are associates.

        1. LoneRogue

          English needs more words to have a better fit for people we have some feelings beyond stranger. When I was stationed in Germany there were I believe 3 separate words for people newly met, ones who are more familiar and close friends and loved ones.

  2. roseinbloom

    I have more female friends. I do not pursue male friends when I am in a committed relationship. I like friends and would like to have a few really good friends, the type you can call when you feel like it or the kind who know me well and care about me and can hear and understand me. I have moved to a new town and I don’t make friends easily and some of my best friends passed away.
    Good friends are a treasure and to have a good one or two is like winning the lottery. A lot of luck is needed and you are much richer.

  3. sunshine777

    Dear Laaj,
    Before I joined SC….most of my friends were men….
    I have been ever so blessed and happily surprised to
    see that I have made women friends here….I treasure their friendships….
    I have had more women friends here on the SC….than I have ever had in my life….
    I am touched by the kindnesses shown by the women here to me….
    AS Ever,

  4. roseinbloom

    Sunshine, I had the same experience here on this site. At my age, there are more women alive so there is a shift in the number of friends as well grow older. I find I have more in common with women than men. Though men are usually more intellectual. In my area women do not express controversial ideas. I have been in a group for years that is 80% men.

  5. Tommy H

    Never got the gene to be able to make friends. Haven’t ever figured it out . But wouldn’t know what to do with one anyway.

  6. Abhilaaj Post author

    As a matter of fact at 50 plus, gender should take a back seat but it does not. Most of the women seek a man as a pal even in older age and vice versa.
    Perhaps it makes both sexes feel younger and desirable.