UFOs and all that! 

I have noticed that recently some newspapers, noticeable a few UK ones are featuring a lot of stuff about UFOs and Aliens. Perhaps this is a subconscious reaction to troubling news world wide. I have a theory about UFOs that I offer for readers to kick about.

Throughout human history all cultures across the world have had super natural entities . The human mind has a need to answer the unexplained . Of cause what is unexplainable has changed over time. In the past we constructed worlds of fairy type creatures, some were kind  and helpful, some mischievous and some, down right nasty and you did not mess with them. They were taken into account, human behaviour  was modified to be respectful to them or placate them to avoid  problems in everyday life.

Today we are technical creatures, much has been explained but there are still problems we have no or little control of, things not fully understood. We cannot believe in little people in pointy red hats or delicate floaty creatures with wings flitting on the edge of sight, So we have constructed, highly techno "fairies" UNFOs and aliens. Fairies used to sometimes kidnap hapless humans, they were taken through magic portals, deep still mountain pools or through a special hawthorn tree, right into the fairy world or hall of the mountain king. The humans thought they were in this fairy world for days or weeks but on returning to our world they found they had been absent but a short time. Aliens also kidnap humans usually in a beam of light up to a hovering flying saucer. Things are done to these captives but when they return they have been gone for much less time than they thought.

I have no doubt that many people seeing these things or feeling they have been transported truly believe what they feel was a real experience. I believe that the human mind is a wonderful thing with great powers to create. Science now tells that  our eyes only see a part of what we think we are seeing. Our brain receives  incomplete "pictures" our brain fills in the space or clues to give us a whole vision we can make sense of. I know, I have difficulty with this too LOL! What we see is what our brains interpret.Perhaps this is all to do with the waves that seem to fill the very universe. My little brain can't cope with the ideas of string theory , quantum mechanics and all that.  Could it be that ghosts , when "seen' are slippage between these waves of time? Does this account for religious  rapture and visions?

I am not out to offend anyone but these are  things that I find interesting and I only question in a search for answers. Does anyone else here wonder on such thing?

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  1. waylander

    Well I hadn’t, but now? Hhhhmmmmm.

    Interesting suggestions, logically put and, given that we don’t know all the answers, as likely to be true as not.

  2. bathchairdave

    Without proof, its a question of faith. Why not little people, who keep well away from us humans because they are smart enought to understand they would finish up in a zoo or a circus.
    Made me think Rock
    Keep it up!

  3. Rockflower Post author

    No reason . little people, flying people what ever we can construct.I certainly agree that any superior evolved beings would look at us and throw their hands up, if they have any. Better to leave us alone until we learn a few things and so far we have not learnt that much about right and wrong in 3000 yrs. You know contacting life forms on other planets could be a dangerous thing, we might be the ones put in zoos, down the mines or used as fodder.. As a gardener I’ve always been mean to slugs, my personal nightmare is that alien life could be slug like and know this about me LOL.

  4. Drummer

    Some enlightening as well as frightening thoughts. Much too deep for me – pass the Gin please.

  5. starlette

    Is it just me who is very sceptical about there being life on other planets…….its been said to us sceptics that it is very arrogant for us to believe that we humans are the only form of life…I guess its seeing is believing for me………but funnily enough I do believe there is something else elsewhere in the spirit world…….but this comes from my own experiences………until the little Green men with the big heads come a knocking on my door I will remain a sceptic…..

  6. Rockflower Post author

    Sceptic is good, I wonder about planetary life from afar as you do. Yet last night I heard an expert say it is highly likely. But what do they mean by life, something akin to pond algae? or super higher evolved life? I doubt the super intelligent would want anything to do with us. This expert was talking about a cold spot in our galaxy that he theorized was so advanced of us that our senses cannot even connect or even see. I think you can go round in circles with this stuff.

  7. waylander

    Firstly, to be advanced enough to get here from the distances they would have to travel, they would almost certainly have to be centuries ahead of us in technology.
    Secondly, the chances of us seeming more than terribly retarded, thick creatures who require either elimination or, at the very least, controlling seem slim.
    So thirdly, perhaps we’d be well advised to shut down S.E.T.I. , stop sending out deep space probes, keep our heads well down and hope nothing notices us.

  8. vonMichael

    It seems to be quite obvious that there doesn’t exist an another civilization
    in the space. Why? Think of all the astro-garbage that is flying round the
    earth which should have woken up their interest in us. The American, Soviet
    or Chinese air mission of the past, and I’m shure about it, would have giving
    them the alarm.

  9. Rockflower Post author

    VM LOL! don’t you think that this may well be the reason they are keeping away from us trashy prone folk!. The other thing is, we somehow assume these aliens will be nice? I wonder?

  10. roseinbloom

    Starlette, I am a skeptic, we spell it differently here. I try not to believe anything that is not supported by a good body of evidence. I agree with you for the most part. Life on this planet is all that we know and rockflower you are a deep thinker and humans do try to fill in the gaps in more ways than one. If we have no answers, we humans are very good at making up answers.
    Interesting though, we create little strange looking species and mostly inferior to our perfect selves. LOL>
    Also, Like you rockflower I quite often feltwhen gardening that I was violating plants and animals and doing what I thought of as playing God, making life and death decision based on my personal preference.

    1. Rockflower Post author

      Rosinbloom, I often have those very thoughts about plants and critters in my garden? For example” I have some white insect that has got into my orchids damn it! Now these mites or what ever they are, hatch out on the orchid, their whole universe is that plant. Great mite adventurers may travel all the way to another stem. Are they even aware what is beyond this orchid? I come along and with my small paintbrush lift them up and into a pot, they either get crushed or flushed down the sink.Can they comprehend this fate? We tend to think this is one planet and one world, yet this world is full of different worlds or universes. Even within our own bodies. People often say……I am alone, we are never alone LOL. with in our gut we have whole colonies of living things that keep us healthy. We have one particular minuscule mite that just lives on eyebrows!!!! Their whole world our eyebrow LOL. So another way at looking at life on earth, it is a series of ‘Russian dolls’ , one life in another life, in a smaller life and so on. Science is ever discovering smaller particles is there ever an end. Perhaps the expanse of these universes on this planet are equal to stars and planets in space?

      1. roseinbloom

        Rockflower. I understand and agree. I am trying to eat more resistant starch because it is digested in the large intestine and feed the bacteria that live there. Doctors are learning more and more about the microorganisms that inhabit our digestive track. I wonder if they have no normal food if they start chewing on the mucosa lining.
        It is good to live in harmony but those things attacking an orchid has to go.