where have all the children gone

Many years ago there were children playing in the avenue where i live. And of course at Christmas time some would ride up and down the Avenue on their new bikes. As the years went by less and less Children could be seen on the street. Why is this well it would seem that the current generation have become stay at home Children They go to school come home go into their bed rooms and then its straight onto the internet and chat to their friends whome they have been to school with via a video link. How sad is that What more can i say.

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  1. geeljay

    Hi. I dunno about your area. Where I used to live, there were many open spaces where, youngsters could play all sorts of ball games, and kick around. The whole structure has changed over the years, with rows of houses on estates, and no ‘playground’ areas, other than formal parks. Keep Off The Grass!

  2. janey

    Yes it is sad that a lot of children are spending too much time in their bedrooms talking online to their friends. Or playing computer games.
    But it is also true that a lot of the roads are not good for playing in as they used to be, as there are too many cars about, and many parents are also worried about not knowing where their offspring are, and prefer them to stay indoors.
    Where I live, there is a park with a playground for the younger children, but the parents are always there too.
    My older grandson does hang out with his friends, but has to be home when his mum tells him.
    My two local grandsons do spend a certain amount online, but they are not allowed to spend all evening doing it. They are both also into sport so some evenings they are being coached.

  3. roseinbloom


    Parents are having fewer children. Children are in nursery school and after school programs and children are staying inside. I miss the children and they are almost never seen.

  4. geeljay

    Also changed. Most children arrive at school gates, delivered by car. We always walked to school, and friendships were formed in that way. Also, round here, the kids are collected by car, so miss out on the games that were enjoyed on the walk home. Technology has brought us a whole generation of budding technophobes, communication by airwaves. I think they miss so much of childhood.Yet all the wonders to be found are in the great outdoors.

  5. yachty

    My grandson 11 years old hardly ever goes out in his free time, just plays games on his computer.. When I was his age you could not get me to stay in .. up to all sorts of bother

    1. Slimjim Post author

      Yachty Yes my pride and joy was a second hand bike All my friends had them and we went all over the place, The only hi tech thing i can remember at school was a slide ruler.