Dear friends ….

Dear friends , there’s a new member on here ,her name is Maywalk and she has been posting the most delightful stories in the writers group . So if you feel you would like to read some of her work please visit the writers group ,you won’t be disappointed ! Her stories are so beautifully […]

Friendships On-Line

One day you comment on a post, messages are exchanged and chatting begins. Joy’s and sorrows are shared, strong ties are formed, trust is built and then it hits you… some SC friends have become really important to you. You become thankful to those people that started out as strangers and have now become close […]

Tapestry of Friendship

Many of the castles that house centuries-old tapestries also run craft classes that show the public how these intricate handicrafts were made. At one event which our friend Ellen attended, an 18th century tapestry was displayed, picture side up, and then turned over by the speaker. Ellen was amazed to see how many loose ends […]