My Friends

October will be my last month with all of you i will miss you all
due to my finances i wont be able to afford the fee to renew
i know its only a small amount but it will take away from other priorities
Rob your site has been a blessing i have found a great many friends
witch i consider my family i will miss all of you Rob keep up the good work
and i again thank you !

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  1. Faye

    Aw Shy that is such a shame. There are times though when prioritys much take over. You will be sadly missed for sure…x

  2. Carol1962

    sorry to hear that … I do know how you feel I shall probably be following in your footsteps once my membership runs out (unless I find another job)
    I hope that somehow good fortune blesses you and you are able to stay 🙂

  3. lani36

    oh joe! what will I do without you on this site you have been a blessing ,please keep in touch,I will miss you so much. do have a happy life enjoy it to the full. we will be thinking of you .xxx.

  4. shyguy Post author

    You all have touched my heart to the point of tears , i will miss all of you and ty your thoughts will be with me always and lani dont worry i still have skype

  5. Rob

    @shyguy – thanks to the amazing community of people we have on Senior Chatters, your membership has been extended for a further 12 months.

    Thanks to everyone who uses ‘Help a Friend’ – It really does make a difference…

  6. shyguy Post author

    Rob ! thank you im touched by the many who helped me
    they are like family here my friends i have made here will be
    in my heart till the end of time again Rob i thank you for having
    a great site