Friendships On-Line

One day you comment on a post, messages are exchanged and chatting begins. Joy’s and sorrows are shared, strong ties are formed, trust is built and then it hits you… some SC friends have become really important to you. You become thankful to those people that started out as strangers and have now become close friends that you can’t imagine life without.

Hope this blog will allow members so share POSITIVE things about friendships they have found. I know I have been blessed with developing great friendships. It is a pleasure knowing I have people who care enough to ask how I am doing, miss me when I am gone and take the time to make me laugh. Friendships do require both people to reach out.

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  1. starlette

    I have made a number of friendships on this site,from each i get diiferent things,one who makes me laugh, one who i can talk to about things we have in common, another for serious discussions, we can talk about anything and everything, we all have something different to offer, but it is a two way street, you do need to be constant in each others life to form a bond.

  2. pollie

    yep true this post…i too have made lots of friends from on here and some i have met personally and yep they still like me even after meetin me hahahaha!!! 😀 😀

  3. padraig1

    well ladies i keep saying it am still in touch with my first Friend online form 21 yrs ago we have had two holidays with her and family over the yrs in virginia and i often consult denise about al ot of serious stuff we were never “That TYPE of “CLOSE friend if u know what i mean but we will always be pals for rest of our days of course i have made a lot of good pals down the year theres a scots lassie who used to meet me for a pint and we’d go to the Kareooke but we were never lovers or anything just best m8s at the moment breige is very ill went thru an op we keep te4xting now and then

  4. lani36

    So true, friendships are a very important part of life and since joining Chatters some of the friendships i have made will last a long time, I have had help, asssitance in every form, i have laughed with some members, cried for and with some members but the most important thing of all they are there for you , in all manner of good and not so good times , Birthday wishes by the typing load, lol.and all manner of sharing and caring . this is my opportunity to say thank you dear friends for the love and support and guidance I have had since becoming a member of S.C.xxxxx(((hugs)))

  5. nmod

    The best thing about friendships on-line is that you get to know people from the inside out first ,if you know what I mean …
    In real life you meet someone first and then you may or may not form a friendship …in real life you may unwittingly judge someone by its appearance , status , behavior ,etc . It’s only human , that first impression if negative it may prevent us from getting to know a great human being !
    On -line however you get to form a conceptual idea of that person by the way that person interacts with oneself and others through chatting ,blogs, poetry, comments , etc.
    The longer you get to interact with this person/s the deeper the understanding of what makes them tick…their qualities good of bad come to surface …so we get to form a deeper intellectual connection ,a friendship from the heart .
    So if we ever get to meet our on-line friend in real life , it won’t matter what he/ she looks like because what we love of that friend is who he/ she really is .
    That’s what I think anyway , I hope I didn’t confuse anyone ! Lol

    1. Lina

      Well put nmod and thanks Linda for posting this blog. I hope that new people reading this will realise it is OK to “gather” friends and perhaps will give some of them the courage to reach out as well… I have been SO lucky with many of the people I have met here and love them to bits. Friendship is so important to all of us – love and ((((((((hugs)))))) to all…..Lina xxxx

  6. helensophie

    I completely agree with you Linda, and yes Nmod, you always have such an eloquent way of putting things. I strongly agree that online friendships, real and true ones, take more effort and caring but are well worth it. I am happy to say that some of the very first people I met on SC have become my closest friends – a couple I definitely consider as family. And as time went by a few more have joined that group. I am happy that I took the time and they in return took the time with me and we got to know the “real” of each other. Someone once said to me that online friends are not real. Needles to say that person is no longer in my life! Didnt have a clue! Great post Linda, thank you!


    I haven’t got use to things yet so hoping to make friends why do some people think that people on the other side of a computer think there is no one there some one as to be there to write back what are some people like .