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Hello all
This is my very first blog ever so bear with me!!
I have been with SC since the end of January of this year.(I think it was January), but you know me, I can't remember these things. I came here in the hopes that I would find someone to talk to about the things that mattered to me, the unexpected turn my life had taken since becoming ill, and that maybe there was someone else out there who understood.
I found something totally unexpected.
I met a group of wonderful, caring and kind individuals who have accepted me for myself. A
place where I can come and be comfortable and speak my mind.
There have been moments when I have felt a little lost in conversations, but learned in time, it was never intentional but more the give and take of the chat room itself. There are at times, many different conversations going on and one should not automatically assume they are being singled out, or left out, on purpose and attempt to make others feel uncomfortable for this.
I for one, feel very lucky and blessed to have found this site and the wonderful folks who make it such a warm, safe and comfortable place to be.
I hope that the friendships i am developing will last a lifetime for me, as I have come to realize how lucky I am to have found them.

Thank you all for this

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  1. lo1234

    We are very blessed and happy to have you, Ellie. You are a true joy, and just love chatting with you and having lots of laughs.

  2. krazykatlady

    we are so lucky to have you find us,ellie..i love chatting with are funny,intelligent and just a dream to be around..i hope we have many years on here with you…xxxxxxx kat

  3. passaggio

    Congratulations on your first blog Ellie!! It was so refreshing to read an honest, and sincere blog. Your words seem very genuine and from the heart. You are such a delight in chat. I for one , have enjoyed the laughs with you. I look forward to many more chats. 🙂

  4. katelin

    Ellie, you are a joy to be around ! … I always have so much fun in the Chat Room with you. You have a great personality and are nice to everyone. … I am blessed to be able to call you a very good friend. xxx

  5. macathy

    Nice blog Ellie glad you wrote it….. how could we be anythings else to such a nice person?…Yes there are wonderful people on here ….and I am glad I stumbled upon it too……makes you feel all warm inside lololo ….mac

  6. foreveryoung2

    Hi ellie I haven’t met you in chat as I don’t go in very often. Congratulations on a wonderful blog. There are many wonderful people here and I hope you make many friends and continue to enjoy SC. Take care xox