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 Green eyed monster, Jealousy and Envy

Did you ever wonder why jealousy is called “A green eyed monster” or do you know? The actual labeling is supposed to be from Shakespeare and Othello where the husband strangles his beautiful faithful, loving wife to death because he was deceived by a lying schemer. This gives some idea of the ugly power of […]

 My Hero’s

Of all the people past and present, I have a short list of those that I would have liked to have met and spent a little time with. My three are George Soros, Sir Winston Churchill, and Paul McCartney.  So come along everyone, let’s hear from you regarding the people that you would really have liked to […]

 The “F” Word

The “F” word is a very powerful word. My cussing was always very mild when young – even right up to my 50s. I will never forget the first time I dropped the “F” bomb and realised its power. My youngest son, in his early twenties at the time, was annoying me to the extent […]

 Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

Who is celebrating St. Patrick’s day and How are you celebrating?  We had a parade last Saturday and many people here wear  green on St. Patrick’s Day. I am not that religious and I like diversity so I enjoy any  all celebrations. I really learn a lot from other people and cultures and have a […]

 Our travels through life !

What are you doing today, I started this blog for folks to just look in and tell us what you have planned for today, you may find your day  boring but others may find it interesting ?. it may be not as quick as the chat, but here you can tell a story , rather […]

 Guns. USA and UK

Following the recent school shooting in Florida I have seen many discussions here about the relative merits of gun control or the lack of it. I am well aware that, not being an American and not having had to live with the proliferation of armaments available to the populous there I have no right to […]

 Why all the fuss?

I was brought up in central Scotland in the 50’s and 60’s so my first real contact with people of a different race was at 18 in the army. Now there was a lot of prejudice about, but as I’d never met anyone other than white I decided to do what I always did and […]

 The big C……..Christmas……

Hello Peeps………so Christmas is just around the corner…….do you love it or loath it, what are your expectations of it and are they realised……….is it a big waste of money, a anti-climax………has it lost its original meaning…….all the spending and preparation… it worth it ?……the times we live in are so materialistic, have to feel […]

 Your Time in History?

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to have lived in another time in History that would have suited you and your talents more? Of course you would have to be able to ignore the fact that life expectancy might not have been so great and also medical practices might not have […]


Everybody you meet teaches you something. It might be a book, or a different look, onlife. Spread yourself. Be generous.You have someting to give.