The longest-living Revolutionary War veteran also had the world’s longest……………………..

Daniel Bakeman, who fought in the Revolutionary War, lived long enough to see the end of the Civil War. He died at age 109. His wife Susan died a few years earlier, making their marriage 91 years long! Although the dates are debated, the couple appears to have married when he was 12 and she was 14.

They had eight children together and endured a variety of hardships. Not only did he serve in a war that lasted 10 years, but they moved several times after surviving house fires on three different occasions.

He was described as “a man of wit and spirit… a lover of life.” Susan always remained active. Even though she live to 105, she still rode her horse and buggy to visit family in her final years.

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  1. roseinbloom

    Interesting story. The marriage age seems a little young.Who was Daniel Bakeman that he is remembered at all. I guess you are talking about the American Revolution and civil war. There are revolutions and civil wars in other countries.