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I walk to work in the early morn and I feel like snow white the birds sing their song the cows moo a melody a dog barks his tune cats stalk the pathways squirrels skip the branches   the wind blows a chorus the trees rustle their symbols and the light dances with shadows the […]


the deserved give when they have nothing the deserved ask only for others the deserved answer without question the deserved right a wrong the deserved give away what they recieve the deserved take only from themselfs I am allways shamed and humbled when those who have less than me give to me their time their […]


When we moved from Sennelager to Bunde. I had to make new friends, and one kept asking us if we would visit Belsen with her , and her family. We all decided to go one nice sunny day, when we got there we looked at all the photographs on show, and it was really awful […]