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 Get moving

Hi everyone. I have been a bit lazy in my exercising (walking , jogging and getting back to appreciating nature).My excuse was the very humid summer and high temps.This week I began fast walks and jogs early mornings.I had forgotten how good it makes you feel.I am sleeping better and it has improved my frame of mind.I […]

 Taxes, A Happy Thought

The more taxes you pay the more money you made that is the happy thought, but it can feel like being sucked down a drain. While working on my taxes, I didn’t see the MORE MONEY. I just saw the TAXES being paid and I worked all day trying  to plug a leak and not […]

 Defence of self.

I and my neighbour are  amicably on opposite sides of a discussion which is in response to a news item in UK. Anyone who reads British newspapers will have read this yesterday they could not avoid the report. So those who read the British papers bare with me as I tell the story for those […]

 mr mechanic

To the  best heater fixer in the world  [when heater on car broke letter to garage mechanic] sorry if my dads car is a mess its not my fault i must confess as i am only six i find it so hard to fix sometimes my dad is such a swine moaning so much you’d […]

 Are you Quarrelsome, Easily angered, Impatient

Are you quarrelsome, Easily angered, Impatient? Whatever your answer, how do you judge and do you do it correctly?  Would you know if you were \ a person who is causing yourself and others a lot of trouble with “blowing your stack”, flipping your lid”, or “giving a piece of your mind? You may have […]

 Loneliness or Solitude

What is the difference between solitude and loneliness? If you google, you would get the following reply. ”Here’s a great quote by Hannah Arendt about the difference between solitude and loneliness: “The lonely man finds himself surrounded by others with whom he cannot establish contact or to whose hostility he is exposed.” The solitary man, […]


Well, it looks like another sleepless night. For years I have had this problem.There are many so-called remedies but for me, nothing seems to work I am quite sure that many members on here have the same problem so come along and tell us what you find is the best thing to get a good nights […]

 TV Watching, What DO We Watch

Television watching may increases as we age and many of us may watch a lot more than we admit or think is good for us. I Watch television and am happy to find programs that I enjoy. I know there are many things more useful, but I am taking a break from being MORE USEFUL. […]

 The “F” Word

The “F” word is a very powerful word. My cussing was always very mild when young – even right up to my 50s. I will never forget the first time I dropped the “F” bomb and realised its power. My youngest son, in his early twenties at the time, was annoying me to the extent […]

 Dislikes of Chatting

Hi! My first blog and already I am stinking mad. Why you ask?  Well–why do men call women that they just met on a chat site or anything else beautiful, baby, sexy, gorgeous and the like?I find that totally disrespectful, rude, crass and above all, looking for trouble.If you are a gentleman who just met […]