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 Growing Old…A Privilege

I have been sitting here pondering what to do this new day given to me…and such a sunny day! as I age, I am thankful for each new decade I get to experience. Used to dread the thought, as most of us do, of getting older, but after many health experiences past 5 years, I’m […]

 Memories Of Summer Fun

What are some of your memories of those childhood summers of, it seems, so long ago? I was browsing through my sites and noticed this mentioned elsewhere. thought I’d post this question to you folks. One of my fond memories of summers past, when I was so young, is eating lots of watermelons, and constantly […]

 Near Miss Has Anyone Had One?

Some time ago I had a near miss: I had to move a really heavy steel container 6foot tall and 3foot wide as I tried to move it It slipped and toppled over on top of me slowly pushing onto the floor.  I found myself trapped under it, my legs had got crossed somehow during this […]

 Natural Disasters

I have been unlucky enough to be caught up in two earthquakes whilst I was living in California, you could actually see the roads and trees moving up and down and the houses shaking. Has anybody been involved in any equally terrifying events?

 Rusty Nock

Has anyone heard of this author and where his books are available? Some say his fictional novels are not for the faint-hearted and I should like to try them out. I’ve heard through the grapevine this guy could well be the next E. L. James and films could be on the horizon.

 The Mystery Musket Ball

I served my engineering apprenticeship between 1959 & 1966, at a historic mill located in Bosley, a small village in rural Cheshire, England. I owe so much to the mill owners of the day, as they sponsored my further education until I was 22 years of age and this gave me a sound foundation for a […]


I’ve posted several blogs in defense of the current generation and, yes, this is another one, so if you doubt the youngesters perhaps you should read no further. To set the scene, our local shops are in one solid row, about 18 of them. In front is a parking area which has an entryway and […]