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I’ve read a few times over the last few months that someone (probably some scientist selling a book) that the person is already born which will live 1,000 years. Do you believe that? I don’t.

 ”Where’s Chetak?”

Translated from  Hindi –  posted originally at ‘’The audience respects me, they love my dance, my voice.’’ ‘’I feel satisfied, elated whenever I dance in the courtroom,’’ She said to her Drum- player. ”I wish I danced all my life and the audience kept on clapping forever.” ‘’That the festivities never came to an […]

 How do you get your own way?

That sounds evil and conniving, doesn’t it, and somewhat Machiavellian.  Yet, aren’t there times when getting your own way is necessary, and has many positive benefits? My 9-year-old grandson spent the night.  With everyone else in the universe, on Friday nights, he’s lights out and in bed at 9 o’clock – voluntarily. When he’s here, […]

 Mathematics: Bane or Blessing

First. Thank you all who have expressed an interest in my blog. Before reading you, I felt quite alone with my fad but now I feel comforted. Thank you again. I thought a project with a domestic slant that I am working on might be of interest: It will enable me to predict the cost […]

 Mathmatics: Blessing or Bane

 Whether we are verifying our expenses after a shopping trip, checking a bank account or counting the days to somebody’s birthday, we are using mathematics: It is an intellectual tool that enables us to discipline our thoughts in a logical manner, to express them clearly and to reach a useful conclusion: However, it does not […]

 Are Rabbits Rodents?

No, they are not, as many of you may perhaps have thought.  Rabbits, truly speaking are members of the family called ” Leporidae.” Had this question been asked a century ago the reply would have been positive indeed. The zoologists then classified Rabbit and other lagomorphs within the order named  Rodentia ( or rodents), which […]


I can’t seem to let pass acts and comments that appear very bogus, affected or artificial. I’m not talking about the little “white lies” that are used every day to kindly respond to a nice person. I can’t seem to resist openly exposing artifice. It causes disruption, I realize, however it is to me insulting […]


Surely there are among seniors some that still love “Jazz”. It has been such a huge part of my life and surely others at the oldest ages here must remember and perhaps still enjoy jazz? I’m currently really enjoying the work of Michel Petrucciani on piano. If not familiar with Michel, I offer a link […]

 Where will it go…….

Hi everyone, this is just for fun, I am going to start a story, please join in and follow on, one line only at a time……..but can keep adding to the story as many times as you wish……….lets see what adventures we can have on the way…….. This evening I took my dog for a […]