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 History, Legends, and Myths of Food

I was watching a Scottish made series and got interested in Clootie Pudding and if that was the same as Haggis which I had read a story of the original which was supposed to be fact, but maybe myth, legend, or pure fiction. If any part of what I say is offensive to people who […]

 Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

Who is celebrating St. Patrick’s day and How are you celebrating?  We had a parade last Saturday and many people here wear  green on St. Patrick’s Day. I am not that religious and I like diversity so I enjoy any  all celebrations. I really learn a lot from other people and cultures and have a […]

 Our travels through life !

What are you doing today, I started this blog for folks to just look in and tell us what you have planned for today, you may find your day  boring but others may find it interesting ?. it may be not as quick as the chat, but here you can tell a story , rather […]

 Your Best Day

I had a very good day yesterday. I didn’t win a large sum of money, I did not receive a great honor, and I didn’t discover a new love, but I had a good day or a day about as good as it gets. I recovered from an infection and I went to the gym. […]

 Guns. USA and UK

Following the recent school shooting in Florida I have seen many discussions here about the relative merits of gun control or the lack of it. I am well aware that, not being an American and not having had to live with the proliferation of armaments available to the populous there I have no right to […]

 Young Till 79 says WHO

I just read a post that says the World Health Organisation says that youth is between 18 and 79. It did so I had to rush in here and spread the word. I am, maybe you are in your youth. How does that make you feel? It makes me feel like doing a couple of […]