It was 1964 and my best friend Mary and I were 13 years old.
We were about to have the most exciting adventure of our young lives.
My older cousin Pat was going to drive us to the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh
to see The Beatles live in concert. My heart was racing.
We were both dyed in the wool, diehard fans. We knew every word to every song.
And we were in LOVE! She with Ringo. I worshipped at the shrine of Paul.
Pat dropped us off at the entrance and fled. Can't say as I blame her.
We were loud, proud, raucous and screamed our lungs out. What a night!
We wer drunk with dreams achieved, sated, finally. Quite a night.
How Pat ever found us in the melée to pick us up, I have no idea.
She was a true martyr to the cause. Pat, I salute you.
Paul McCartney turns 70 on Monday. He will forever be 22 in my heart.
Rock on, Paul. Thanks for the music, the memories and mostly the fantasies.

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