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 Traveling In New Guinea.

Traveling in New Guinea is like travelling in another world.Unless you have experienced it you wouldn’t believe it.In the mountains where I was there were no roads,or between stations was limited to walking along a track ,that resembled a goat track or plane,some very brave souls tried to get from one place to the […]

 Head Man’s Morning Tea

Life in New Guinea was never dull,it was full of surprises even if it was just the way that you were greeted as you walked along the tracks, ”Morning Missus yopella go long bush” “Yes Mepella go long bush “. This was called out as we walked further into the bush.They are a friendly lot […]

 The Head Hunters

During my time in New Guinea I flew in these two seater planes .with my wonderful pilot Colin,really he was a good pilot even if he did scare me half to death ,I hated flying and refused to sit up the front with him again .As a result I sat in with the cargo, so […]

 MY Friend Joseph.

I spent three years in New Guinea working on the missions,it was a time of change for the country,wont say if I thought it was for the best or not here.I lived in the mountains and there were no roads over the mountain ,so you went in by plane.We had a house up the hill […]

 Free Fall

I experienced lots of new interesting things while living up in New Guinea as a lay missionary in the late sixties .None more so than the difference between our cultures ,and the wonderful happy disposition these people have,their trust in us,and their ability to give unending faithfulness . As I was the nurse at the […]

 My eyes were opened

My first first weeks in New Guinea were an experience never to be repeated.I grew up as a catholic and believed that priests were a few steps above others,this was firmly put there by my mother. Imagine my surprise ,when the first priest I met, is a scragely man, hair standing up ontop of his […]

 “No Worries”

When I was about twenty one I went up to Papua New Guinea as a lay missionary as a nurse in the West Sepic district. This was an area that not many women visited as it was fairly primitive .My job was to go out to the villages, to immunize the children, and to collect […]


Waiting waiting I am sure that their are plenty of people, Who have been in this position besides me.My beautiful daughter Sarah is waiting for a definite diagnosis .we went to the doctor last night and were told that it looks like she has cancer of the uterius .She is to see her specialist on […]